It's happened again: The next episode of Game of Thrones has been broadcast five days early.

If, by chance, you found yourself wanting a reason to avoid the Internet for the rest of the week, you’re in luck.

In a trend that seems to be happening every week, the next episode of Game of Thrones’ seventh season has been accidentally broadcast and spoilers are everywhere.

While hackers have been holding the show hostage, demanding ransom payments from HBO in exchange for them not releasing future episodes and scripts, this time it appears the leak is entirely the network giant’s fault.


Surely, this can't be happening again? Image via HBO.

The devastating mistake was caused by the network's Spanish arm, who accidentally made the season's sixth episode available to it's on-demand subscribers.

If HBO Spain had a face, we're guessing it would look a little like this right about now:


It's been reported the episode was available for a full hour - more than enough time for it to be screenshotted, ripped and shared - before it was removed.

Of course, footage from the episode has been posted on Reddit, YouTube, Instagram and other social platforms, but is slowly being removed by authorities.

(We're not going to link to any of the footage because we like to enjoy things at the proper time, thank you very much).

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Just two weeks ago, the season's fourth episode - The Spoils of War - was leaked after it was stolen from one of HBO's international partners, Star India.

HBO is yet to comment on the latest episode mishap.


While the latest leak is bad news for fans, there's one thing we can all take solace in: hilarious Twitter reactions.


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