There's a pattern behind every Game of Thrones death that we've all been missing until now.


There’s still plenty of time left before we see the next season of Game of Thrones hit our screens.

Heck, we’re still a month away from the next (and last) season of the show to even start filming.

And while we’re all eager to see what happens with Jon, Dany and the rest next, the huge gap between seasons is good for one thing: it’s giving us plenty of time to dissect every episode of every season so far.

Fun, right?

While we’ve all been busy discussing whether Daenerys Targaryen will ever actually sit on the Iron Throne and attempting to figure out the Night King’s/Bran’s endgame, there’s something we’ve missed.

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We’ve missed the fact that there is a clear pattern behind EVERY. SINGLE. DEATH on Game of Thrones.

The hidden pattern was posted on the show’s discussion board on Reddit (which, is a great way to while away a few hours… or years between seasons) by user razobak09 and reveals that the most significant Game of Thrones deaths occurred in very similar circumstances as that character’s most infamous moment.

It sounds confusing but it’s actually quite simple. For example:

“Ned Stark used his greatsword Ice to behead the Night’s Watchman; he was beheaded with his own sword,” razobak09 writes.

Even Ned's shocking death can be explained. Image via HBO.

"Roose Bolton killed Robb Stark with a knife to the heart; he was killed by a knife to the heart.

"Walder Frey ordered Catelyn Stark's throat cut at the end of the Red Wedding; he had his throat cut by Arya."

The list - which has been updated and revised since other fans pointed out more deaths that fit the same pattern - covers the demise of most major characters, like Ramsay Bolton, Olenna Tyrell, Littefinger, the Sand Snakes, and even Jon Snow's death and rise from the dead.

Of course, with such irrefutable evidence, fans have started theorising about what this may mean for those who are still alive as they enter the show's eighth season.

What does this mean for Jon Snow and Dany? Image via HBO.

"Jon killed White Walkers, gets killed by White Walkers?" one person guessed.

"Daenerys kills with dragons, gets killed by a dragon?"

Obviously, this means bad things are on the horizon for Westeros' most infamous queen, Cersei Lannister.

For a character with so many horrific and infamous moments, how do we (or the show's writers) pick just one?

Thank goodness they still have 365 days to figure it out.

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