Real Housewife of Melbourne Gamble Breaux gets her eyebrows tattooed on. Before her wedding.

When you’re preparing for a wedding, saying there’s a lot to do is a BIG understatement. Venue, guest list, catering, bridesmaids, hair and makeup trials and of course The Dress.

What about getting your eyebrows tattooed on?

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While it may not be top of the list for every bride, Real Housewife of Melbourne Gamble Breaux wasn’t shy in making the big beauty commitment before making the, erm, ultimate commitment.

The 43-year-old art consultant showed off the results on Instagram ahead of her upcoming wedding to fiance Dr Rick Wolfe.

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"Had my first tattoo or should I say Micro Feather Brows with Sona @sonia_eyebrowartistry - the best eyebrow artist in the country! Very excited that my face is beautifully framed now, I failed eyebrows when I studied makeup art," she wrote.

Despite no wedding date being publicly announced, Breaux suggested that the treatment was part of her pre-wedding preparation by saying "Getting ready to get married Season 3."

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The third season of Real Housewives of Melbourne is due to filmed in August. (Post continues after gallery.)


Cosmetic tattooing is a popular solution for people who suffer from thin, sparse or overplucked brows, requiring less long-term effort than eyebrow extensions or filling in your brows with makeup.

Also known as micropigmentation, it involves subtly drawing on eyebrow hairs in fine detail.

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“Unlike traditional tattooing, the needle penetration in cosmetic tattooing is shallow and feels like a scratching sensation on the skin,” explains CozTatt Specialist Cosmetic Tattoo Practitioner, Tara Byrne.

The healing is almost immediate and while it makes brows initially look strong in colour, it soften to a more natural-looking tone over time.

According to Byrne, the cost of quality brow tattooing can range from $450 to $700 plus, although it depends on who and where you go. (Post continues after gallery.)

While it's yet to be confirmed whether the wedding will be featured on the show, if this is top of the pre-nuptial to-do list we can't wait to see the rest!
Do you have your eyebrows tattooed on? What was your wedding beauty preparation like?