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Valentine's Day is for chumps. There is a much better day to celebrate.

Valentines Day? Ugh. Forget it.

Amidst all the Roses chocolates and service station flowers, it’s easy to feel shitty on Valentines Day.

But before you plan a weekend of hiding tracksuit-panted on the couch, STOP.

There is an answer.

There is a day that will ease the sleazy, cheesy awkwardness of Valentines Day.

A day we can all get behind.

It’s Galentines Day. The day of ladies celebrating ladies.

In the words of its creator, Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) on the hit TV series Parks and Recreation, it’s the best day of the year.

Galentine’s Day is the day BEFORE Valentines Day, where you gather up all the brilliant women in your life and show you how much you love them.

A day to honour your lady friends? That’s probably the best idea we’ve ever heard. 

Leslie’s Galentine’s Day celebrations are typically OTT, involving a lot of thoughtfully stuffed gift bags and a 50,000-word essay explaining why each of her girlfriends is so amazing.

And while we’re probably not all in a position to make mosaics of our friends’ faces from the crushed bottles of their favourite wine, the good news is that what began as a small segment on a TV show, is starting to catch on.

Because let’s face it: the very idea, the essence of Galentine’s Day is actually much more exciting (and a billion times better) than Valentine’s Day.

So catchy. (via etsy: Turtlessoup)

After all, it’s your girlfriends who you really spill everything to, who have seen you through love, loss, breakups and breakthroughs.

So surely they deserve some cheese and champagne and a night of (platonic) love, adoration and conversation.

This year Galentine’s Day falls on a Friday. SO WE IMPLORE YOU: gather up your gal pals for a Friday night of hoes before bros.

Amazing that Hallmark aren’t making these, amirite? (via etsy: turtlessoup)

Your Galentines Day celebrations can be whatever you want them to be.

Galentine’s Day says no to candelight dinners, to roses, to Hallmark cards. It says yes to celebrating the relationship that stands the test of time: friendships with fabulous women in your life.

Ban romantic songs. Fire up and play kick arse power anthems by women and dance around like a goose (or any large flapping bird).  Make a bingo game and include sexist cliches like ‘cat lady’.   Go see a show, have a drink or watch Bridget Jones on the couch, eating peanut butter out of the jar. You can do whatever you want, cos you’re hanging with your ladies.  So let it all hang out (and perhaps consider this as a chance to TREAT YO’SELF).

Galentine’s Day says yes to celebrating the relationship that stands the test of time: friendships with fabulous women in your life.

So, to women everywhere, Happy Galentine’s Day!

We’re so glad to have you in our lives. You make life better just by being here.

Now let’s dance. Because when you’re with your ladies, you can dance without being judged.


How about it? You in for Galentine’s Day?