Could you sleep in a g-string? Rebecca Judd swears by it.

It’s the kind of debate that questions your very faith in humanity and all that’s good.

Like tom-a-to or tom-ah-to. Top sheet or no top sheet. And socks with thongs *shudders*.

The divide between women who prefer granny undies and those who swear by a G banger is greater than the Pacific Ocean. And it never fails to get a conversation going.

Such women include radio co-hosts Rebecca Judd and Kate ‘Monty’ Diamond, who hashed this one out on Kiss FM’s ‘The 3pm Pick Up’.

And how did such a conversation come about on live national radio, exactly? At the hands of an extremely uncomfortable pair of knickers, that’s how.

Undies never fail to get a conversation going. (iStock)

"Today I'm wearing a 'Brazilian' undie," Judd confessed.

"Not quite a full brief but not quite a G and these, I understand, are so annoying.

"They kind of creep up your bum and they don't quite cover your bum, so you always feel it. But with a G string... it's like wearing a watch.

"For the first day or two, you feel it but then after that, you don't feel it at all. I always sleep in G strings."


"See, this is what will always separate us," Monty rebutted, going into bat for all the granny pant-loving ladies.

"I have my granny undies on 24/7 unless I am showering. They are my one type of undie on repeat, in different colours."

Although the pair agreed to disagree on the best style of brief, there was one point on which both were completely unanimous... going commando is never, EVER ok.

"Look me in the eye Bec Judd and tell me that, at one of those Brownlow events, you have never gone undieless," Monty questioned her co-host.

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"No, never, it's such a risk," Bec responded.

"This is a bit TMI, there's stuff going on down there at all times of the month. How do you absorb... moisture?"

Well said. But back to the part about sleeping in a G string: personally, I lean more towards Monty's tastes, but I have friends that are firmly with Bec on this one.

So which is best, full brief or barely there? That's for you to decide.

The 3 PM Pick Up airs weekdays from 3 – 4PM on the national KIIS Network. Bec Judd hosts every Monday alongside Monty, while Yumi Stynes joins Monty from Tuesdays to Fridays.

Do you swear by G strings like Bec, or prefer a full brief like Monty?