5 tips to help avoid a cold or flu this winter





When it came to the common cold, it often felt like my whole family was involved in a real life game of ‘It’s a Knockout’.

All it took was for one of them to get sick and then just like some human game of dominos; they’d all get simultaneously knocked down before my very eyes. We’d all be overcome to various degrees until often, there was only one man left standing. Luckily this was usually an adult, although that poor solitary soul wasn’t necessarily getting the best part of the deal in this situation. He or she had to become the virtual Florence Nightingale, tending to four whining, demanding sick people, often for weeks on end.

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I was, for many years, under the impression that these common colds and flu were unavoidable. I mean, day care and schools are hotbeds of infestations and really, it’s often more a case of when we’ll be the unwitting victims of a virus, not if.

This however, doesn’t bode well when you are working parent. The time lost to an employer is significant and for the most part, unavoidable. The guilt and anxiety involved in being the parent that has to take time off with the sick child or from being ill themselves, is almost immeasurable. Or is it?

So how, if at all, can cold and flu be prevented?

1. Take Vitamins/Herbal Supplements. Seriously. Prevention is so much easier than the cure. Vitamin C, Echinacea, Chinese Herbs even a general multivitamin will help.

2. Teach your child to wash their hands. I know this sounds obvious but kids need things drilled into them. If washing their hands is going to take even half a minute away from their playtime, they’ll forego it. Keep reminding them how important this is.

3. Sneeze into a tissue! I know this sounds weird but the air droplets are how you/we all get infected. Keep some tissues nearby. If this isn’t possible, try and sneeze into your sleeve.


4. Stay home! That’s right, if you don’t feel well, for the sake of ALL of your workmates, don’t be a martyr and trundle on into work. As much as they love you, NO ONE WANTS YOU THERE WHEN YOU ARE SICK.

5. Don’t touch your Face. Cold and flu viruses enter your body through the eyes, nose, or mouth. Touching your face is the major way you and/or your children catch colds and a key way to pass colds on.

I did find another suggestion that advised people NOT drink alcohol or eat unhealthy food and, well, we all know that prevents a whole lot more than just the simple cold or flu yet we also know that we’re unlikely to discontinue either of these two things anytime soon. How about we start with the above and take every day as it comes, yes?

Check out our gallery of other things we’ve tried, and may help you survive cold & flu season:

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