"30 things I will happily never ever hear again after these school holidays."

Thank God.

How quickly did those holidays go?

I can’t quite believe they are over already. Two whole weeks of sleep-ins and lazy breakfasts, of days spent playing board games and reading, of backyard cricket, and everyone pitching in with the chores.

Of calm, quiet peace before the mad school rush begins again.

All of it happening in someone else’s house.

In reality it was two weeks of mayhem, mess and madness, of bickering siblings, lost toys and perpetual mess.

It was two weeks of bliss to spend some extra time with my kids.

It was two weeks of being stretched to the core to fit in working-from-home with three kids plus half the neighbourhood gang.

It was two weeks of washing extra loads of dirty clothes and an endless round of cleaning the kitchen in anticipation of the next meal. Two weeks of late nights and ridiculously early mornings.

It was two weeks of bliss to spend some extra time with my kids.

But now it’s back to the everyday grind of packed lunches and sports kits, of ballet shoes and homework. And there are a few things I am NOT going to miss about the holidays.

A few phrases if I never ever ever have to hear again I will be one happy mum.

1. There’s nothing to do, can I play electronics?

2. There’s nothing on TV except baby shows.

3. Can you get me a new app, it’s free?

4. Why won’t that new app load?

5. I don’t want that app, I want the app that HE has.

This is over. Thank God.

6. Muuummmm I’m bored.

7. Muuuuummmm I’m hungry.

8. Muuuuuummmuuummmm I’m still hungry.

9. I’m too tired to walk.

10. What’s your iTunes password?

11. I’m still bored.


12. How many days till school goes back?

13. I don’t want to go back to school.

14. What’s your Wi-Fi password?

15. Can I play on your phone?

I want to go back to school, home is boring.

16. I want to go back to school, home is boring.

17. He’s not letting me have a turn on your phone.

18. Stop singing Mama I’m Elsa you’re Anna remember.

19. Quick Mum he’s eating the green paint.

20. Why’s my poo green Mama?

21. Mum, I am STILL HUNGRY.

22. Where’s my blue light saber/ ipad charger/ my other croc/ the soccer ball/ my blue twirly skirt?

23. Not THAT blue twirly skirt Mama the Elsa one.

24. There’s green paint on my blue twirly skirt.

25. Watch me Mum. Watch me. No, don’t look at your phone actually WATCH ME.

26. I’m still bored.

27. He’s got MY light saber/ blue skirt/ soccer ball/ ice block and he won’t give it back.

28. But we already DID tidy it up Mum.

29. No, I’m Elsa Mama you are Anna. Stop singing.

30. I’ve eaten too much Mum my tummy hurts.

What was the funniest/worst thing you heard these school holidays?

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