"My legs are bored." 14 parents share their kids' most memorable little moments.

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As a parent, it’s such a privilege seeing these tiny humans grow up before our eyes. The little moments that you have together and the conversations that you share form an unbreakable bond.

You think you’ll never forget the cute and funny things that your children say, but can I offer some parenting advice? Write it down!

Grab a plain notebook and just start writing down the way they say ‘debloon’ instead of balloon; or the time they asked ‘Daddy, what is the opposite of blue?’

You could even fill it in every year, answering the same questions like: 

  • Who are your three best friends?
  • What do you want to be when you grow up?
  • What is your favourite food?
  • What is your favourite movie?
  • Which games do you love to play?

My kids love looking at my notebook and laughing at their stories. So often I’m surprised by their insight, creativity and eternal optimism at such a young age.

As parents, it’s so natural to quickly jump in and try to answer every little question that children ask us. It can actually be a great learning opportunity though, so consider asking ‘what do you think?’ when they ask you ‘what colour is the number M?’

A great way to get kids talking is through creative play. When we sit down and play with them we can use the opportunity to find out what’s going on in their world. It’s less confronting, as you aren’t sitting face to face, so children will often open up a little more. Toys like the LEGO® DUPLO® Alphabet Truck give you and your child a moment to create and connect using bricks, and also begin some early literacy.

lego duplo alphabet truck
You can use the Alphabet Truck to make any number of games. ‘Can you find the letter J like in your name?’ or ‘Can you put all the blue bricks together?’ Image: Supplied.

Once they get a little older they can even use the letters to form simple words... and surprise you with how they use them.

We asked parents from our Mamamia Parents Facebook group to share those moments with us (and you'll probably have your own to add to this list).

  1. For years, my son would write ‘B’ instead of ‘D’. One day he wrote me a cute note at preschool and signed it Anbrew. He has been known as Brewser ever since.
  2. I was cutting up sweet potato this weekend and my three-year old said "Yay, wedgies!" They will forevermore be known as wedgies in our house.
  3.  My son wanted to play on a coin-operated motorbike. He asked me to make it work and I pointed to the sign stuck on the screen and said "Sorry mate, I can’t, it’s out of order". He sighed and said, "Well go and get me some more order!"
  4.  My four-year-old daughter was trying to run alongside me when she said "Can we stop now, Daddy? My legs are bored." I thought it was a great way to explain it.
  5.  My mum was babysitting my kids and when I got home she shared this story with me. Four-year-old James said "Nana, I’ve got good news and bad news. The good news is, I’m tired. The bad news is, I’m not going to bed." Needless to say, Nana had the last word on that.
  6.  I asked my three-year-old son what his favourite vegetable was. His reply? "Sausages." Six years later this is still true.
  7.  My five-year-old son asked me "Why does kiwi fruit taste like feathers?" I had no words.
  8.  Whenever my son sees a "No right turn" sign he says "No boomerangs allowed here!"
  9.  I had told my daughter that she could have my diamond engagement ring when I’m really old and wrinkly. Recently she was looking at my face up close and said "Mum, I think I might be getting your ring soon." Harsh!
  10.  My three-year-old daughter saw a dead pigeon at the park. She reached for it and I said "No, we don’t touch dead birds." She turned to me, so serious, and said "It’s OK, Mum, I’m a doctor."
  11.  I asked my four year old what he would like for breakfast. He quickly responded "Fish and chips at the bowling club." He knows what he likes.
  12.  My four-year-old son Joseph said "Mummy when I’m four, I think I’ll be called Claire."
  13.  My two-and-a-half year old always says "Oh Mummy, I’m exhausting." I’ve tried to correct her to say exhausted but she still keeps saying it. It may be slightly true on occasion? 
  14.  I mentioned to my three year old that we were going to Bunnings that day. I later found him in his room cuddling his toy bunny and whispering "Ohhh Bunny, we’re going to your house!"

It's all about these little moments of connection, whether it's over a LEGO DUPLO Alphabet Truck, a diamond engagement ring or a bunny-turned-handyman.

Share your everyday moments of surprise and delight you've had with your kids with us below.

Feature image: Lee Price.


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