This mock video of Hillary Clinton media coverage is almost too real.

Is this is sign of what’s to come for Hillary?

Hillary Clinton’s candidacy for President of the United States has elicited a range of responses, but this is just the beginning of some, let’s face it, pretty sexist media coverage she’s going to face over the next 19 months.

Funny or Die has really hit the nail on the head with its video of actress Missi Pyle playing Clinton’s media secretary announcing her boss’s candidacy during a media conference filled almost entirely by journalists of the oblivious frat-brah persuasion.

Missi Pyle
“I hope none of you vote for us.” Missi Pyle as Clinton’s press secretary. Image via Funny or Die.

Our favourite question: “Won’t it appear weak if the president is prancing around cleaning tables and washing dishes in her apron after state dinners?”


After a barrage or moronic questions, Pyle-as-secretary is about to storm out when she’s confronted by a woman journalist – and one who doesn’t want to talk about gender.

Turns out, her question about drones is even less welcome than questions about the potential president’s period.

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It’s highly likely Hillary Clinton would have a chuckle at the video herself. The woman who has been parodied by such greats as Amy Poehler over the years definitely has a sense of humour, as evidenced by her website’s 404 error page.

Vintage Clintons. Image via HillaryClinton.com