11 people share the weirdest way they've heard a word pronounced.

Image: Mean Girls/Paramount Pictures. 

The internet exploded when the Nutella manufacturers confirmed their product is actually pronounced ‘new-tell-uh.’

Whether or not you were actually saying it correctly, (by the way we are still firmly team NUT-ella) we’re all guilty of saying words wrong at some point in our lives, right?

So on that note, here are 11 words weird and wonderful ways people say everyday words incorrectly. Enjoy.


“My dad pronounces “aliens” as “alliance”. Which makes for some confusing movie trivia.” – allwordsaremadeup


“It’s a long con. Since my oldest was about two, I’ve pronounced cinnamon as “simaminamum” in front of my daughters. What really annoys them is when they try to teach me to say it right. It’s been about 15 years now. They have still never heard me say it correctly.” – Big_0il

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“I know a girl who claims to not be able to say pink. She consistently says ‘pank.’ She can say ‘pee’ and she can say ‘ink’ but I couldn’t ever get her to say the two words together. She’s 25.” – PM_ME_SNAPCHATS


“My parents could probably say the way I used to pronounce radiator as reindeernator, as a kid, if that counts.” – AlternativeEntry


“It took my sister until she was like, 10 years old to say ‘yellow’ correctly. She would pronounce it ‘lellow.’ Me and my brother tried to coach her. Say ‘yell’, ‘yell,’ say ‘low,’ ‘low,’ say ‘yell low’ ‘lellow.’ ” – Bon_Jovi_Friday


“Chipotle… chi-po-latte.” – kaicbrown


“I used to pronounce detective as deck-deck-tive.” – HoboChique


“My brother says ‘hangerbur’ instead if hamburger. My mum says ‘ungun’ instead of onion. Also had a friend who thought that backpack was actually ‘pack-pack.’ ” – spottydodgy

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“My wife’s entire family, very educated people, say ankchent for ancient. It. Drives. Me. Nuts. ” – Beyonce_Fanatic


“I heard someone pronounce grapefruit like it was a French word. Grep-fruah. It was surreal. I don’t live in an English-speaking country, though, so it’s a tiny bit more understandable, I guess.” – Acrolith

What word have you/someone you know pronounced incorrectly?