For anyone who has ever been asked: But where are you REALLY from?

There is this one really excellent scene in the first season of Modern Family.

Cameron and Mitchell are taking their baby daughter Lily, whom they adopted from a Vietnamese orphanage, to the doctors . The doctor they see is of Asian appearance. And, well, this happens:

Cameron: “You’ll be pleased to know that Mitchell and I are raising Lily with influences from her Asian heritage.”

Doctor: “That is fantastic” *continues with diagnosis*

Cameron: “We’ve hung some art in her room, some Asian art. And when she’s ready for food there is an excellent Pho place right around the corner from our house. Am I pronouncing that right? Is it Pho? It’s a soup.”

Doctor: “I don’t know. I’m from Denver. We don’t eat a lot of Pho there.”

In those twenty seconds, a whole world of socially awkward and inappropriate small-talk is expressed.

But what would happen if the tables were turned?

This video is called ‘What Kind of Asian are You?’ It comes from Youtube star David Ury (of Ken Tanaka fame) and was released as a part of Youtube’s Comedy Week.

And it’s awesome.

Disclaimer: the first half of this video will make you cringe. A lot. But stick with it, because by the end we guarantee  that you’ll be fist-pumping: