It's official: Tanya Hennessy's makeup tutorial is the best we've ever seen.

Someone has finally created a makeup tutorial that we can follow. FINALLY.

Comedian and breakfast radio host, Tanya Hennessy, decided to upload a ‘realistic’ makeup tutorial to her Facebook page and people are loving it.

In the video, Hennessy is ALL OF US as she runs through her brutally honest and impeccably funny morning makeup routine.

She captioned the video: “Tag someone who has no idea with makeup/has mascara from 2004 they still use”.

The Canberra breakfast radio host starts the tutorial by announcing that she’s sweaty because she’s just walked up the stairs (we’ve all been there, Tanya), before stating she uses a MAC primer that “a lady sold me against my will.”

Hennessy then explains that she puts her primer on with a brush that’s lost its label because she’s had it since ‘probably 2002’.

She then moves onto her foundation which she just ‘dips and goes to town’ before doing her brows and yelling at her boyfriend.

Hennessy then contours under her chin to ‘give the illusion I have one chin’.

She describes her makeup routine as ‘just giving it a go’ and ‘going to town’ and truer words have never been spoken.

Hennessy’s approach to makeup has hit such a chord that the original video has been viewed 5.9 million times on Facebook, with many people thanking the comedian for her funny, down to earth video.

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“OMG I’ve never watched something that describes my life more, just ran out of foundation my grandma gave me 3 years ago,” commented one person.

“This is me getting ready in the morning. Using whatever brush and makeup I can find that I have,” added another.

The comedian finishes the video by saying “So this is the completed look. It’s uneven, I can’t see out of my right eye because I think I’ve got an infection from the mascara. But, you know, everyone can wear makeup so just give it go”.

We LOVE it, Tanya.

You can follow Tanya Hennessy on Facebook here, and Instagram, here.