The secrets of a baby's face: Here's what you need to know.

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As adults, we think we can read others’ facial expressions quite well. Grumpy? Grimace. Telling a lie? Shifty eyes. Genuinely happy? Eating a double cheeseburger.

It gets a little muddier when it comes to knowing what’s going on in a baby’s (very cute) head. Even parents who’ve had multiple bubs still struggle to figure out what little ones are trying to say when before they can speak. More food? Bottle? Dummy? Another song? Need to poo? Already pooed?

So, here at Mamamia, our dream team came up with the brilliant idea to give these pre-toddlers a voice. Based on our intensive investigative research (you know, Look Who’s Talking and maybe a sleepless night or twelve), we put together a short video to help us all learn how to read a baby’s face better.

With the help of three very expressive babies from our Mamamia family, we figured out just what was going on inside their mysterious little heads. *No babies were harmed in the making of this video (adults, on the other hand…)*

That's one way to say it. Image: Mamamia.

So what did we discover? It turns out the "Fascination Face" means they're pondering the meaning of life. Yes, only a few months old and they're already cracking the big problems while you struggle with half-eaten, half-regurgitated food, a toy obstacle course and the hidden (and smelly) joys of nappies.


And as most parents already know: the "About to Poop Face" comes in many forms. Sometimes with very little warning. Yes, we're talking about you, poo explosions/implosions.

We made this video with the help of Little One's Nappies and Baby Wipes, which keep bubs comfortable and dry at every stage of their development. With three layers designed for fast absorption, these nappies also have gentle elasticised leg cuffs so your bub feels free to move – with top-notch leakage protection. That translates to HAPPY FACE.

Post Poop Face
RELIEF. Image: Mamamia.

Little One's are only available at Woolworths.

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