I went to a #funeral and all I got were a few lousy selfies.


This is not the first time social media has thrown us some curve balls when it comes to ethical etiquette issues.

Is it socially acceptable to use your phone at the dinner table? What about tweeting your relationship woes? Can you check your Facebook updates while you’re having sex? And it OK to play Candy Crush while you push you child on the swing set? (Answer: YES).

Well, today, we’ve got a new one for you: #Funeral

That’s right, social media aficionados are now tweeting, instagramming and pinning photos of themselves at funerals and hashtagging them as #funeral so you can easily peruse the #sad photos of people #mourning.

We present you these images without further comment.



All pics taken from public Instagram accounts via hashtagfuneral.tumbr

Funeral selfies. Sick, sweet or stupid?

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