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Introducing Fundawear. It's like underwear, but fun.

So this is Fundawear…






Technology has done wonders for long distance relationships. With sexting and Skype, it’s hard to imagine how two lovers ever managed to make it work before the Internet.

But, you see, that’s sort of the problem.

It doesn’t work.

Because while you can spend hours upon hours chatting to your other half on webcam, or sending them pictures of your sexiest underwear, the actual mechanics of a sexual relationship are inherently absent when you go long distance.

Luckily, science has an answer: FUNDAWEAR. (Get it? It’s like underwear, but fun. Witty science.)

Durex Australia has launched the product which aims to allow long distance couples the ability to connect on a deeper, physical level… by groping each other over the Internet!

Fundawear look just like your regular bras and briefs, but there’s a catch: the underwear contains sensors that simulate human touch. The sensors are activated by your other half using a mobile app.

This from The Telegraph:

Boldly stating that their new product is the “future of foreplay”, Durex Australia claim that ‘Fundawear’ allows for “touch to be transferred over the internet.”

Deploying technology normally used to make a mobile phone vibrate, actuators wired into the under garments are remotely stimulated via a smartphone app…

Speaking about the innovative underwear, Ben Moir, technical director of the project, said: “After the laughter had stopped, we knew it was going to be an awesome project.”

Ooh. Kinky science.

Have a look at this demonstration (probably NSFW):

Would you use Fundawear?