A 'heartless' joke and Sex and the City parallels: 10 things you didn’t know about Emily In Paris.

'Tis the season to binge watch a silly show about a pretty girl living an aesthetic life in Paris and get so much FOMO that you book an impulsive trip to anywhere just to feel alive.

Oh, that’s just me? Oh, dear...

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Regardless of where you’re up to in your own Emily in Paris journey, here are some obscure but fun facts about the show and cast that are certain to have you going... 'huh' whilst thoughtfully nodding your head.

1. Chef Gabriel was a chef in real life before becoming an actor.

Chef Gabriel, played by French actor and model Lucas Bravo, was a chef in real life before the show! The actor told EW, "A few years ago, I was working in this bar and one of the sous-chefs left, and I told them... 'I don't think I can learn anything more at the bar. Can I assist you?' And he accepted. So for two months, I was basically a sous-chef, and I had a blast." 

He cooks, he acts, he models. Hey Google, is Lucas Bravo single? 

Image: Netflix.


2. Lily Collins comes from a very famous family.

Lily Collins was born to be a star with the family she has. Get ready because this list is long. 

Her father is none other than Phil Collins, ex-drummer and singer from rock band Genesis and composer of many great works, including but not limited to, your fave Disney film soundtrack Tarzan.

Lily Collins recently married American director Charlie McDowell whose parents are musician Mary Steenburgen and British actor Malcolm McDowell, best known for playing Alex DeLarge in A Clockwork Orange.

Image: Instagram @lilyjcollins


Lily Collins' stepfather-in-law is none other than Ted Danson. Does Cheers ring a bell? How about The Good Place

With all this controversy about nepo-baby privilege in the air right now, Lily Collins remains an unproblematic favourite still beloved by all her fans.

3. The show’s joke about Lou Malnati’s pizza offended the owner.

A small joke caused some offence after the fact. In the first episode when Emily’s French boss poo-poos Chicago deep-dish pizzas, Emily jests he didn’t like it because he went to Lou Malnati’s, which is a real chain of restaurants in Chicago! 

Ouch. Marc Malnati, owner of said chain, was rightfully offended and very unimpressed with the joke. Malnati stated, "We've been serving Chicago's favourite Deep Dish since 1971. When Netflix's Emily in Paris writers chose to take a shot at Chicagoans and our pizza to try to get a laugh, it felt heartless and not humorous in the midst of COVID-19."


Talk about awkward...

4. Lily Collins can actually speak very good French!

Although Emily stumbles through her minimal French skills in the show, Collins actually grew up with French-speaking half brothers and learnt French in school.

On the flip side, Ashley Park, who plays a very fluent French-speaking Mindy on the show, can’t speak a lick of it in reality. Which makes her performance even more impressive to me!

5. Sex and the City and Emily in Paris are pretty much sister shows at this point. 

The creator of Emily in Paris, Darren Staralso created Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place, and Sex and the City. The man is an undeniable talent. Star intentionally created many parallels between Emily in Paris and Sex and the City. For example, the tutu worn by Emily reflects the one Carrie wears in the opening credits.

Lily Collins has also shared she believes Emily would have been a Sex and the City fan.

Star brought some of his old colleagues along for the Emily in Paris journey, including Patricia Field who was the costume designer on Sex and the City.

6. Lily Collins was convinced the crew were pranking her.

To prepare for the role, Lily Collins was living in Paris for several months in an apartment similar to Emily’s. 

The actress shared that a number of things happened to her during her time in Paris, from stepping in dog poo to having her hot water broken for two weeks, that were also happening to her character on screen. It got so outrageous that she became suspicious that the cast and crew were pranking her.


But alas, it wasn’t pranks; it was just Paris.

7. Parisians aren’t impressed with the show.

This will surprise no one I’m sure, and honestly if someone made a show called 'Cindy in Sydney', I’d be critical of it too. Despite Emily in Paris' global success, French people are reportedly not as obsessed as the rest of us. 

French critic Charles Martin reviewed the show for Premiere. If you understand French, feel free to read his full review here.

However, if you need a paraphrased English translation, I’m your gal. Martin basically says that show creator Darren Star uses cliches when writing French people in the show and they’re inaccurately being portrayed as lazy, sexist, backward, adulterous and unhygienic. He continued to say that despite the unflattering portrayal of Parisians, Lily Collins makes the show fresh and fun to watch. 

8. Ashley Park is the reason Mindy can sing on the show.

Ashley Park has a successful Broadway background. The talented entertainer has starred in the likes of Men Girls and The King and I

Show creator Darren Star wanted to showcase Park’s talents in the series, hence including a pursuit of music in her storyline. 

Image: Netflix.


9. Cast members became roomies during filming.

This will make you desperately want to be part of the cast of Emily in Paris, if it wasn’t already a burning desire. Multiple cast members shacked up with each other during filming and had a blast!

Lucas Bravo (Gabriel), Ashley Park (Mindy) and Samuel Arnold (Julien) all shared a home in Paris during filming of the series. The trio have openly talked about what a fun experience it was for them and they splashed their adventures across their socials for the rest of us to get major FOMO from. 

10. Emily in Paris is returning!

The show’s season three and four were confirmed at the same time in January 2022, but a release date for season four has yet to be announced!

Emily in Paris is currently streaming on Netflix.

Feature Image: Netflix.

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