The new Fuller House trailer is here, and it dropped a pretty big bombshell.

Brace yourselves, because the most-watched TV show EVER is about to be back on your screens.

Yep, the Tanner family is back for a second season of Fuller House, and the first trailer for the new season has just dropped.

And…there’s a little surprise waiting for fans: there’s a new romance on the cards.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland discuss the best moments of Fuller House. 

The trailer hints at a surprise romance between Stephanie and a guy named Jimmy, who just happens to be the younger brother of Steph’s sister DJ’s best friend Kimmy.

A KISS! Image via Netflix.

Of course, this is the face you make when you realise you've just kissed the baby brother of someone you know:

EW. Image via Netflix.

Netflix teased the addition of Jimmy to the show back in October, leaving fans scratching their heads because they'd literally never realised that Kimmy even had a little brother.


You'll be surprised to learn that Jimmy and Kimmy are so close, they even have their own dance routine which comes complete with jazz hands and the words "sparkle", so you know it's good.

Jimmy makes a few appearances in the trailer, which makes us think that he'll be sticking around the Tanner gang for quite some time...



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