These Melbourne removalists have created the perfect calendar to get you through 2017.

A group of Melbourne removalists have stripped down for the second year running, raising cash for a good cause (and maybe one or two eyebrows).

The Friendly Moving Men‘s 2017 calendar came out on Friday; complete with mermen, some Scots and the promise of a donation to help those experiencing or at risk of homelessness.

“We see first-hand the good work that they do in supporting people who are looking for crisis accommodation,” the company’s owner Ben Hallpike told Mamamia.

“The idea of a calendar has loosely been around but we needed something meaningful to be doing it for.”

Last year, the money raised went to victims of domestic violence.

Nathan as Mr July. (Photo by Georgia Rose.)

And it's not just the community that benefits from the project; happily, the boys seem to enjoy it too.

That said, there's a rumour circulating that moving man Nathan - who appears shirtless on horseback - only landed his spot as 'Mr July' because his girlfriend Harriet is one of the two woman behind the project. Ahem.

"All the boys are up in arms because he is the boyfriend of Harriet who spear-headed the whole thing and they think he got the expensive prop," Hallpike said.

Another of the boy's partners, Georgia, took all the photos.

Check out some of the photos here (post continues after gallery):

Thankfully for those who missed out on one of the 12 coveted places there's always next year, and 'the fellas' have promised the 2018 calendar will "bigger and better" than ever.

Again, all the proceeds from sales of this year's calendar go to Merri Outreach Support Service. So if a calendar's not your thing you can always just donate directly to them here.

"Not everyone wants to look at us all year 'round, but a heartfelt thanks to those who do… the boys love it," Hallpike said.

The 2017 Friendly Moving Men calendar is available on their website, from the Arena Store in Collingwood, and Milkwood Cafe in Brunswick East.