This ex-soapie star is determined her daughter won't be an actress.

She was on our TVs as a teen so what she has to say might surprise you…

We first saw her as a teen on Home and Away. But Tammin Sursok doesn’t want the same future for her nine-month-old daughter Phoenix. Tammin would like to see her steer clear of acting all together.

Yet Tammin, 30, may not have a choice. Gorgeous Phoenix was lapping up the spotlight and smiling cheekily at hosts David Campbell and Sonia Kruger during an interview for Nine’s Mornings program yesterday.

Tammin and Phoenix.

Tammin told David and Sonia “We're just a normal family and I want her [Phoenix] to grow up as normal as possible. I don't want her to be an actor, I want her to be a doctor or a scientist.”

The Pretty Little Liars star is married to producer Sean McEwen, who both celebrated the arrival of Phoenix in October last year.

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Want to see the interview? Here it is:

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