Pregnant french tourist looking for her baby's father won't find him because the whole thing was A GIANT HOAX.

Internet, we’ve been had.

For those of you who put aside your hard-earned cynicism to wish Natalie Amyot all the best in her hunt for the father of her unborn child PUT THOSE FENCES BACK UP AROUND YOUR HEART.

The lovelorn French tourist appeared in a viral video yesterday announcing her return to Mooloolaba (where epic romances are made, obviously) to find the “really cute” local who knocked her up during a one night stand.

Well, she found him.


Turns out he is not so much a six foot tall, sandy-haired surfer as Andy Sellar- the owner of a social media company specialising in producing viral videos.

As it happens, Amyot is not all she appeared to be either and is not so much a pregnant student as a voluntary actress.

The Internet-era romance is just a big ol’ hoax.

Give up on love, say farewell to romance and never believe anything you read online because it’s probably a tourism campaign for Holiday Mooroolaba.

Watch the big reveal here:

Previously we reported:

The hunt is apparently on for a man who is yet to discover he’s going to be a father.

It’s not exactly the plot of a romance novel, but a French tourist is hunting for the man she slept with three months ago. The reason? She’s pregnant.


Natalie Amyot says she doesn’t know the name of the “really cute” six foot, tanned, blond-haired, blue-eyed man with whom she spent a romantic night before heading back to Paris.

But she would like your help to find him.

Watch the video here:

After losing her phone with his number in it and discovering she was six weeks pregnant,Natalie has used the last of her money to return to Mooloolaba to find him.

“I met this really cute guy, and for me it was love at first sight, and we had a beautiful night… the next morning I flew home to Paris, and I lost my phone with his number on it,” she said in a YouTube video.

“So I had no way to contact him, and six weeks later I found out that I am pregnant, so I’ve come back here to try and find him, as I have no family of my own.”

“If he doesn’t want to know then that’s OK, but I really want to try and find him,” she wrote on the site.

Natalie says anyone with information can contact her through this Facebook page.

Good luck, Natalie.