Zoe Foster Blake and Roxy Jacenko just proved why the 'French cut' is your next chop.

Ahh 2020. It's been a shit one. And like everything else right now, you're probably bored as heck with how your hair looks (never not in a bun) and itching for something fresh and stylish for when you finally get back to a salon.

And friends, do we have a goodie for you! (We do).

It's called the 'French cut' and we reckon it would look hella cute on you. It's aggressively sexy and chic (because, French) and it's everything your poor little pandemic head needs. Victorian gals, you may have to wait a little longer to book in a chop - but that just means more time to gather inspo and pluck up the courage, no?

Now - for those who aren't familiar with the style (all of us), the 'French cut' is basically a super-short, choppy bob (shorter than your usual bob) that looks great paired with cool-girl bangs. And a beret. And maybe a baguette. 

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To suss out if this is the hair trend we need to jump on, we hit up Matthew Jones, the Style Director at EdwardsAndCo and asked him what the 'French cut' is and why we need it right now.

Why is the French cut trending this year?

Wondering why this lil trendy chop has come floating into our social feeds? 

Well, first of all, because Zoe Foster Blake. Anything that lady is doing with her head, we're paying attention. Early adopter Zoe put the style on our radar way back at the beginning of the year, and we've been coveting it ever since. 


And Zoe isn't the only one jumping on this cool girl hair trend. PR queen Roxy Jacenko recently showcased her dramatic hair transformation, ditching her trademark long blonde locks for a chic chop. 

She posted a clip of her sitting in the chair of celebrity hairdresser and hair stylist, Travis Balcke, before showing off the finished look in a mirror selfie. 

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It was time. @travisbalckehair ❤️

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Oh hey.

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Jones has a pretty compelling theory behind the popularity of the style.

"I think purely because people have been in isolation for so much of this year that drastic style changes are inevitable," the Style Director says. "Chic, French-style bobs are great as they usually require little styling and effort as the cut itself contains so much texture."

We love minimal effort!!

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my hair was being dramatic today so i just leaned in

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zoom bleach

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Who does this cut suit best?

When it comes to taking the plunge and getting a trendy haircut, you want to know that you're going with something flattering for your features. You’ll want to be able to look back at photos in years to come without wanting to punch yourself in the face. 

"This cut can suit anyone, however it’s best to work with your stylist to make sure the correct length and texture is achieved. Depending on your face shape you can introduce curtain bangs or super choppy layers, so sometimes a little extra advice is needed to make sure you’re happy." 

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What kind of maintenance is involved?

"More frequent trims are going to be required for this look in order to maintain the fresh, sharp style and to make sure the weight doesn’t build up. So, what once may have been a 12 week appointment is probably now going to be an eight-week appointment."


When it comes to the styling front, thanks to old mate COVID people are now leaning towards cuts that are fairly low-maintenance and allow them to embrace their natural hair texture. This is one of those styles.

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"The French bob is cheekbone-skimming and effortlessly chic, it not only saves on blow-drying time but also absolutely nails the relaxed vibe we love here at EdwardsAndCo," said Jones. "It is the perfect style for those wanting to embrace a more individual look and enhance their hair's volume and texture."  

Girls with waves or curls, rejoice! Your natural volume will MAKE this style.

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"In regards to styling, you may need to add a few little magic tricks to your kit including things like salt sprays and texture sprays, like the JAYE Dry Texture Spray. These kinds of products will deliver instant volume and texture without making the hair feel sticky." 

Trendy, low-maintenance AND you won't regret it? Sold.

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What do you think of the 'French cut'? Would you try it? Share with us in the comment section below.

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