Sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein says freezing eggs could help women find love.

It’s one of the biggest dilemmas facing women today: settle down and have children, or focus on your career and risk infertility.

At age 30, Australian sexologist Dr Nikki Goldstein has found herself in the same situation – and so she made the decision to freeze her eggs.

Dr Goldstein has created a documentary tracking her egg freezing journey, and she says it could help women find love and happiness.

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According to Goldstein, freezing your eggs removes the pressure young women feel to either settle down in a relationship that might not be quite right in order to have children, or to focus on their career and finding a more compatible partner.

She says it could be the key to helping women find love - and happiness.

She recently told The Daily Mail the procedure was a "back up plan" that bought her more time.

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"I think it's really unfair these days that we have this biological clock, and it's a really unfair biological clock, because we have evolved as a society and as women we have more choices and options," she said.

"If we want to be a mother and we want children we do start to panic...We can have babies later but our eggs are still declining and the quality of the eggs are still declining at the same rate," she added.

Goldstein said that egg freezing could be the solution.

"You have time to be out there in the workforce, time to date and discover who you are a human before you bring another person in to the world," she suggested.

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However, the two-week procedure is not an easy one - in her documentary, Dr Goldstein describes how it left her teary, emotional and at times in excruciating pain.

She advised women considering freezing their eggs to do their research and speak to others who had gone through it.

Would you consider freezing your eggs?

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