You can catch free Uber rides next week, as long as your name is Sam.

Frost, Armytage, Johnson, Worthington, Neill, Fireman and every other less-famous Sam will next week get to use Uber for free.

Between August 21 and 27, the ride-sharing company is offering a daily ride to the value of $20 to any users who have ‘S’, ‘A’ and ‘M’ as the first three letters of their name.

What’s so great about Sams? We’re not entirely sure. All Uber could offer by way of explanation was, “Not everyone may have experienced Uber, but everyone knows a Sam, it’s actually the most popular unisex Uber Rider name in Australia!”

(Which did precisely nothing to make us non-Sams feel any less overlooked.)

To claim the promotion, all the Sams/Samuels/Samaras/Samiras etc. must register on the Uber website and download the app by August 18 – that’s this Friday.

The $20 will then automatically be credited to your account each day, and will last 24 hours. Note though, that the funds don’t roll over each day (so use it or lose it) and if your ride goes over $20 you’ll have to pay the difference.

On a completely *cough* unrelated note, I’m currently looking for new friends. New friends named Sam. New friends named Sam who live in inner Sydney. Thanks. Please apply below.