Every single question we have about Frances Abbott's snap engagement.

So… this just happened.

Frances Abbott – AKA Tony Abbott’s much cooler daughter – just announced that she’s engaged to Olympian Sam Loch.

The couple have been dating for just two weeks.

Yeah… we’ve had milk in the fridge longer than that too.

This ~ super quick ~ engagement has left us with a lot of unanswered questions. We’ve reached out to the lady herself, but in the meantime, here are all of our burning questions…

Who are they and why do we love them?

Abbott, 26, is a personal trainer and body builder from Melbourne. She also happens to be the daughter of our former prime minister, Tony Abbott – but unlike her dad she was a staunch same-sex marriage advocate.

Loch, 34, is a professional rower who has competed for Australia at the Beijing and London Olympic Games, placed second at the 2015 World Indoor Rowing Championships and holds several international Ergometer records.

He recently developed an indoor rowing training program, and provides online fitness coaching.

So, yeah, they sound like a match made in fitness heaven.

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How did they meet?

We have NO idea. Up until this point Abbott had pretty much kept the relationship under wraps because, you know, it had only been two weeks.


But we imagine it involved some kind of super fit activity. Maybe they locked eyes over some dumbbells or something?

With the soon to be Mrs Loch ???? @notanotherfitnessblogger

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Did they really hit all the relationship milestones in two weeks?

Also, we have no definitive answer to this but we’re guessing they did. It’s super impressive too. Even the contestants on The Bachelor take three months to declare their undying love to each other.

When did they say ‘I love you’?

Hopefully before the proposal.

Is this for… religious reasons?

Look, we don’t want to pry, but we can’t help but wonder. Abbott is from a very conservative Catholic background. On the other hand, her support for the LGBTQI community and marriage equality has proven that she’s pretty damn woke. So… the answer to this is probably not.

What does Tony think of the news?

Although Tones is yet to comment on the news, we imagine he’s a lil’ bit peeved.

He’s just spent the better part of the year actively campaigning for the “sanctity of marriage” in support of the No Campaign, and now his daughter is planning to marry someone she’s known for two weeks.

Oh, the delicious irony.

Is she trying to prove to her dad that there’s no such thing as the “sanctity of marriage”?

Even if not, we’re guessing it’s a little added bonus. We’d like to be a fly on the wall at that Christmas lunch.

Congratulations Frances and Sam!