Like the look of this $4 million beach-side Freshwater home? We suggest you buy a raffle ticket.

A $4 million dollar beach side property in Freshwater with pristine ocean views could be yours for a measly $5.

The house is the top prize in a nationwide raffle set to raise money for veterans.

More than two million raffle tickets were released today with no limits as to how many can be purchased by one individual.

Source: RSL Art Union.

The property was bought by the RSL Art Union in 2014 and overhauled for $2.2 million.

The stunning home now boasts four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a double lock-up garage (for both my imaginary cars).


The winner will be drawn at 10am on October 12.

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RSL Lotteries general manager Tracey Bishop told the Daily Telegraph the home's true beauty lay in its location.

“The house is on one of the most spectacular pieces of land you could get,” she said. “We’re hoping the winner enjoys having a new home where they can sit on the veranda watching the ocean and whales go by.”

RSL Art Union estimate the home could pull in as much as $143,000 a year.

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So hone your inner millennial, win the place, rent it out and move back in with Mum.

She'll be chuffed.

Tickets are being sold through the website until October 8 - get to it!