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The Former PM sheds a tear after his speech last night


1. Kevin Rudd retires

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has announced his retirement from politics last night with an emotional speech to the House of Representatives. Mr Rudd said that there came a time every politician’s life when their family said enough was enough. He said he will not be continuing beyond this week. His final words to the parliament were “It really is time for me to zip.”

His decision will trigger a by-election most likely to be early next year and former AMA president Bill Glasson is a hot favourite to win the seat for the Liberals. For more on the Former Prime Minister’s retirement see this post.

2. Simon Gittany trial

Closing addresses began in the Simon Gittany trial yesterday with the Crown saying that he was “a controlling, abusive and domineering partner.” The Crown Prosecutor said that Mr Gittany did not allow his fiancé to look in the direction of other men, wear revealing clothing and only allowed her to have a single friend.

Gittany has pleaded not guilty to throwing his fiancé, Lisa Harnum from the 15th storey of their apartment on July 30, 2011.  The Crown finish their final address today.

3. Same-sex marriage

The Federal Government has filed written submissions on its challenge to the ACT’s same-sex marriage laws in the High Court revealing the Commonwealth will challenge the law on several grounds, including conflict with the Marriage and Family Law Acts.

The ACT has until November 25 to file its submission. The case will be heard on December 3 & 4.

4. Typhoon Haiyan

Survivors line up to try and get food in the Philippines

“We need food; we need to eat!” CNN has reported that whilst food is arriving in the devastated areas of the Philippines it is not making its way to the desperate citizens. Eight people were crushed to death as a crowd of Typhoon survivors stormed a rice warehouse. The World Food Program has delivered at least 2,700 tons of rice to the country, but it is having massive logistical issues with delivering it to the people.

How can you help?

Australian Red Cross

UNICEF Typhoon Haiyan Children’s Emergency Appeal

Save the Children


5. Postnatal depression

Channel 10 personality Jessica Rowe has spoken about her battle with postnatal depression on her new morning show. Post-Natal Depression Week starts on Monday and she said she wants other mothers to feel like they are not alone. She has previously spoken about her battle with PND. For more on Jessica Rowe’s struggle with postnatal depression see this post here.

6. Child sex abuse

The Victorian parliamentary inquiry into child sex abuse has criticizsd Cardinal Pell claiming the Catholic Church has trivialised child sex abuse. Cardinal Pell said he supported recommendations for the creation of a government established independent, alternative avenue for justice for victims of child abuse.

7. Horse slaughter

Racing Victoria has slammed as false and misleading claims that 18,000 racehorses are being killed each year. They say the actual figure is 650 thoroughbred racing horses but they would like to see that further reduced.

8. Rape comments

India’s chief investigator has apologized after his inflammatory comments comparing the legalization of sports gambling to ‘enjoying’ rape. Mr Sinha said: “It is very easy to say you don’t have enforcement agencies. It is like saying if you cannot stop rape, you enjoy it.”

9. The male brain

A new study has confirmed what many women already knew- that men look at women’s bodies more than their faces. Researchers found that participants, when asked to look at full-body images of women, spend more time on breasts and waists before looking upwards.

10. Let’s eat more chocolate

Tell me it’s true. Chocolate is healthy??

A new study has shown that eating chocolate may not be that bad for us. The research published shows higher chocolate consumption in adolescents is also associated with lower BMI.

In Brief:

Indonesia says a group of 50 asylum seekers are safe, after being rescued from a boat in waters south of Java as it made its way to Australia.

A Senior ALP figure is under investigation by Victoria Police after it was alleged he raped a teenager in the 1980s.

An academic is being sued for defamation after a barrage of online posts stating her ex-lover had a “tiny penis” and STDs.

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