Former-Lorna Jane model embraces the Easter miracle by 'curing' a deaf African child.

Religious or not, this is one of the most spiritual times of the year.

And if we’re really going to talk miracles, then now is the time.

But if your idea of miracles usually comes in the form of your old beat-up car not breaking down en route to work, then you need bigger and better miracles in your life.

One Instagram user and former Lorna Jane and Billabong model (and Miss Universe Australia finalist), Rebecca Ronald was travelling and working with young children in Uganda, when she realised she wasn’t just a former model with a generous soul, but she could actually perform miracles.

Ronald pictured with the child she claims to have healed. Image via Instagram.

She wrote:

See the beautiful girl between us in the black beanie? As Riley & I were preaching, she stood out to me & I had such a compassion for her. Afterwards while we were praying for each individual, I asked her to come aside & as I went to speak, her friend intervened to say that she was deaf. I had just finished preaching on what God had been teaching me about; the power of Faith.. and knowing my God can do all things, I said to her, “you are about to hear for the first time”. I prayed once – nothing happened, then I felt Holy Spirit say, put your fingers in her ear and command them to open. Sounds easy, but in the moment, it can be the hardest thing because is requires the very thing I taught on, Faith with power which opposes human reasoning – so I did and when I finished praying, her face lit up and overjoyed she said “I can HEAR for the first time!!!!”



Ronald believes that upon meeting a deaf child, she told the child , “you are about to hear for the first time”. Praying twice to God, Arnold believes that it was at this moment the young child suddenly could hear again (she also said “I can HEAR for the first time!!!”, which is also an excellent miracle).

Ronald and her fiancee Riley have been working in the area for over a week, but at this stage have only recorded one miracle.

Ronald also added:

“While westerners think they are the blessed ones not living in poverty, I disagree because these easterners get [the power of God], and I believe that is why I have never witnessed the power of God like I have here. It is so blatantly obvious how real He is that I feel ridiculously humbled as God breaks down my small human thinking even more through His signs and wonders that no man can do in their own strength, only through faith.”

If you needed any inspiration for a career change, this is a pretty good one.

If you don’t love magic or miracles, then give your cold dead heart a shake. A woman stuck her finger in a child’s ear and cured her cochlear. It’s EASTER. Get with the program.

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