We've got good news: forgetfulness is actually a sign of intelligence.

If you’re the kind of person who often finds themselves muttering ‘where the hell are my keys?’ or going into the kitchen and promptly forgetting why you’re there – we’ve got good news for you.

It turns out your forgetfulness is actually a sign of intelligence.

Yep, you’re bloody smart and you’ll do great things (as soon as you can find those damn keys).

A study by the University of Toronto, which was published in the Neuron Journal, has found having a perfect memory is not actually a sign of intelligence.

forgetfulness intelligence
Who needs keys anyway? Image via NBC.

In fact, forgetting things might just make you smarter.

The study found that remembering the big picture and not the little details is actually better for your brain - and your safety - in the long run.

Our hippocampus (the really handy bit where our memories are stored) will filter out unimportant details to help us remember the really vital stuff.

If our brain becomes too overcrowded with details, it'll do its own little cull - deleting old details and memories so we can record new stuff.

Google has changed the way our memory works too - instead of remembering how to spell every word and what every capital city is - we just need to know how to Google them.

So there you have it - feel free to lord this information over anyone who laughs at your forgetfulness.

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