Meet Eagle Dad - is he the world's pushiest parent?

Are you proud if your five-year-old makes it through a bathroom visit alone? This guy’s taught his little boy how to fly a plane…

Meet ‘Eagle Dad’. He Liesheng taught his son Duodo to pilot a plane at the age of five and that’s only the beginning of his list of achievements. So what drives He to push his boy so hard? The reason will surprise you.

Duodo jogging in the snow in his 'Eagle Dad's' infamous video.

Duodo was born prematurely. As his first-born clung to life, small and frail, He Liesheng became determined to do whatever it took to make sure his son became stronger and healthier. Some say he's taken this quest to far. Others are applauding his efforts.

Now, Duodo is six and he's achieved more than most people do in a lifetime.

He has jogged in the snow at the age of four, won an award for being the world's youngest sailor and has piloted a plane, all before the age of five.


He is now training to cross the Tibetan Plateau on a unicycle. Yes, a unicycle.

Eagle Dad first won notoriety when a video of Duodo jogging in the snow went viral  last year.

The video showed little Duodo pleading with his dad for a cuddle. The family was on a vacation in New York at the time but there's no rest when you are the son of Eagle Dad.

Two years later Duoduo still remembers that day. He says, "When I was running nearly naked, I kept crying. And then dad gave me a hot bath."

When Liesheng was criticised after the video's release he said he didn't mind because he knew what he was doing. He told CNN, "I've always felt Chinese parentsspoil their only child too much," he told CNN at the time. "We don't expose them to nature enough, and they get weaker and less competitive compared to foreign children." He said, "Like an eagle, I push my child to the limit so he can learn how to fly."

"If a child does not go through hardship, then he cannot become strong. That means when they are small, you should let your child struggle more, allow them to experience more, and it is good for their development."

Duoduo has broken world records with his piloting efforts and he is the youngest person to start an investment company, although we sense the shadow of Eagle Dad hovering over that one.

The walls of their apartment set out the now six-year-old's daily schedule. He gets up at 6.30 most days, 7 during holidays and on Sunday he gets to rest and watch movies.

While physical pursuits are important to Eagle Dad, the family also focuses on education. When asked about his father's Eagle Dad label and parenting style, Duoduo said,"The good side is that I can learn a lot. The bad side is that he's just too strict!"'

What do you think of Eagle Dad's parenting style - encouraging strength or way too pushy?


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