T-shirt range for young boys pulled offline over ultra sexualised messages.

International retailer Forever 21 has pulled a line of boys T-shirts after a deluge of consumers slammed them as grossly offensive.

The T-shirts featured the messages “sorry ladies, I only date models” and “ladies man” emblazoned across the chest in photos of young boys modelling them online.

Source: Forever 21.

Users slammed the brand for sexualising young boys and girls, and also commented on the inherently heterosexism implied in the messages and how they reinforced the idea that young boys should desire the attention of women.


Anti-child sexualisation campaigner and Collective Shout spokesperson Melinda Tankard Reist told Mamamia the messages would have an incredible impact if worn on children.


"These T-shirts turn boys into walking billboards for gender stereotypes and male entitlement," she said.


Reist said the decision of Forever 21 to pull the line after receiving complaints demonstrated the power of collective action.

"This is another example of people power and what can happen when individuals combine in collective action to force a company to exercise corporate social responsibility," she said.

Collective Shout is an organisation that launches campaigns against corporations that objectify women and sexualise young girls.

Forever 21 came under fire earlier this year for a men's shirt range that featured messages perpetuating rape culture.

The printed shirts read: "Don't say maybe if you want to say no."

Forever 21 has since released a public apology that acknowledges the shirts may have caused offence.

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