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For all those who are too lazy to have sex in an airplane toilet.

Clare Irby and (right) model Sarah Hannon 

Having sex in the toilet of a plane with a flight attendant is so 2008. Why not just lean over and give some mile-high loving to whoever happens to be sitting next to you!
That’s what happened during a flight this week when model Sarah Hannon (above right) who was flying from India to London with her boyfriend, woke up to find the girl sitting on his other side, with her head in his lap under a blanket. UK newspapers report:

A society beauty has been arrested by armed police – after allegedly
enjoying a sexual liaison with a fellow passenger on a jumbo jet. Clare
Irby, 29, who is a descendant of the Guinness family, is said to have
performed a sex act on the boyfriend of another passenger while the
woman slept in the next seat.Sarah Hannon, a 35-year-old model, awoke to allegedly discover Daniel Melia and Miss Irby in a clinch beside her.



The model, who has appeared on magazine covers, is said to have
fallen asleep after their drinking session, leaving Mr Melia to become
friendly with Miss Irby. The pair were spotted under a blanket by the cabin crew, who tried to intervene. Mr Melia’s girlfriend is understood to have woken up at this point,
to discover her boyfriend enjoying the sex act in the seat beside her
under cover of the blanket.

A heated argument is then alleged to have ensued between the two women, while cabin crew tried to calm the situation.The plane was boarded by armed police officers at Heathrow who met
the flight  when it landed. They
arrested all three passengers involved.

Miss Irby, a former stockbroker and mother of one, was questioned on
suspicion of gross indecency, being drunk on an aircraft and failing to
obey the instructions of the crew. She was then released on bail, along with Miss Hannon and 36-year-old Mr Melia, who live in Birmingham.

A Scotland Yard spokesman said: ‘Police attended a flight into
Heathrow regarding behaviour of passengers on board at about 6pm on
Thursday, March 26. ‘A man and two women were arrested and interviewed and later bailed to return, pending further inquiries. The man was arrested on suspicion of gross indecency; one woman was
arrested on suspicion of gross indecency, being drunk on an aircraft,
and failing to obey instructions of the crew; the other woman was
arrested on suspicion of being drunk on an aircraft.’

Goodness. And I thought the worst part about flying was when the kids channel wasn’t working on the TV and there weren’t enough vomit bags. What’s been your worst experience during a flight? No scary stories about turbulance please. I’m trying hard to be brave.