This new food promises to banish your PMS symptoms. And it involves chocolate.

Image: Tania Green/PMS Bites

The worst part about getting your period is undoubtedly the lead up to the main event.

The headaches. The mood swings. The weird food cravings, sore boobs and raging pimples that pop up (literally) at the worst time. Yes, I’m talking about the symptoms of PMS that 85 per cent of women suffer through every month.

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Luckily some clever people we would now like to hug have created a chocolate treat that will help relieve those horrible symptoms. And it’s a “combination of classic chocolate truffles and brownie mixture” type of chocolate treat.

They’re called PMS bites, and they were invented by Tania Green, as part of her business that specialises in promoting a healthier lifestyle for women suffering from PMS.

And, get this – they’re healthy too. The vegan, all-natural, raw and gluten-free kind of healthy.

Drool. Image: Tania Green/PMS Bites


I think we've reached the peak of human existence.

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The Kickstarter campaign to create the product was floated in February and was fully funded within 15 hours. Plus, it hit 169 per cent of its goal by the time it closed.

Clearly, there's a market for it. (We could've told them that.)

Available in three flavours with seriously punny names, simply select from "plain crazy" (plain), "coco-nutty" (coconut) or "all kind of nuts" (nuts) and they'll appear on your doorstep in a box of six the same week your PMS does.

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At the moment, delivery is largely restricted to the US, although Green advises to enquire about international deliveries.

The bites are made out of gluten-free oats, cocoa powder and a range of herbs that are known to help PMS symptoms, including dandelion root for bloating, chamomile to reduce stress and Siberian ginseng to reduce irritability.

Are you "coconutty" or just "plain crazy"? Image: Tania Green/PMS Bites


As a sufferer of severe PMS and a baker, Green decided to take matters into her own hands, spending three months perfecting the recipe in her kitchen.

Unfortunately she's not claiming to totally cure PMS. Damn.

"I just think that they are healthy and much better than reaching for a snickers bar," she told Mashable.

However GP Dr Sarah Jarvis says they may not be all they're cracked up to be.

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"I can't see any reason whatsoever why this should be more effective than anything else," she said.

Dr Jarvis recommends eating slowly absorbed and unrefined carbs, such as wholegrains, and to avoid refined carbs like white bread, cake and sugary foods, which can augment cramping. She also advises getting plenty of calcium and vitamin D.

Eating processed chocolate could affect blood sugar levels and therefore your mood during PMS.

A chocolate treat that won't have us feeling guilty (even if it doesn't completely get rid of PMS)? Sign us up.

What's your go-to comfort food when PMS hits?