The perfect gift ideas for the foodie who has everything.

Buying for the foodie in your life can be stressful and exhausting. Is vino cotto out or in? What about flavoured salts? And why should I care if the coffee’s origin is single (is it on Tinder?).

Here are a few gift ideas to make even the most discerning foodie smile and invite you to dinner.

BBQ Smart Tongs

One of the best things about men’s obsession with the BBQ is it can let you as a woman and entertainer off the hook. You sort the salads and the vino while he slaves in the heat over the meat. That being said, I am always for women knowing how to master everything in life – bin disposal, car maintenance and BBQ cuisine included. So you need to be able to know how to work the grill AND accessorise. The Savannah BBQ Smart Tongs are both terrific and a bargain. Easy to use, long, stainless steel with a rosewood handle. Need some guidance about how to? Try any book by BBQ King Ben O’Donaghue. Ben’s BBQ Bible in particular.

Luxe spice mixes

If I had copious amounts of free time I might spend it mixing different herbs and spices for marinades and cakes. But I don’t. So I rely on others with better skills and more time on their hands to mix spices for me. Try Herbies or Gerwurxhaus. These can also be aromatic and lovely gifts if you put a range of them together in some kind of a theme – for the baker, the chilli lover, the sweet tooth and the Francophile.

Flavoured balsamics

Turn a boring salad into … well, something not so boring. Flavoured balsamics have been around for a while and you can get decent inexpensive ones and high end ones in food stores. Try Oz Flavours. Great on meat as well. For a gift match with a little dish to pour it into.

ALDI chocolate, coffee and biscuits

It doesn’t all have to be high end. ALDI does terrific gourmet products, some of them organic and fair trade. Famous for their chocolate, coffee and biscuits, a basket of these will be welcome in even a food snob’s home. Pick up a microwave or ski helmet for $10 for yourself on the way through.

Something of the month

It can be cheese, craft beer, chocolate, coffee or even sausages, you can subscribe and for 12 months get a new, gorgeous product delivered to a friend or loved one. I like to look of this Bruny Island Cheese and Campos Coffee.

Beautiful bowls

If all else fails, I’ve noticed even a blah meal can taste better in a pretty bowl, plate or cup. Try Robert Gordon or see Instagram for local potters and ceramicists (I love Sydney based Milly Dent). Add cherries or freckles from Coco Black or Haighs if you want your cup to runneth over.