Let's create a new Aussie Christmas tradition of giving this year.



This year I decided to stop the bullshit.

Well, to be totally truthful, plenty still remains, but at least one bit has been crossed off the list, and, boy oh boy it felt good.

Year by year, the magnificent irony of a modern Aussie Christmas was growing on me. Not a religious person, I was celebrating the birth of the Son of God, 2013 years ago by hurriedly stocking up on endless piles of brightly coloured plastic crap, listening to tunes of snowy Christmas days whilst dreading the walk out of the shopping centre back to the carpark on a 43 degree Adelaide afternoon.

 “I did decide to take a fresh look at the idea of giving and doing something for others.”

Drudging through crowded malls, behind an endless parade of people walking 10% of the speed I wanted to walk, muttering expletives to myself seems antithetical to the idea of Joy and Peace to the World. “Have I bought enough?” is the endless question. Does Charlie have as much as Matilda? I don’t know about you mums, but for Aussie dads, the volume of crap is just as important as the quality or price of the crap.

Arms full of Disney figurines, water pistols and t-shirts sewn by Chinese sweat shop children, I was fully supporting the thing I was railing against. I’d let myself off the hook by scoffing on my Facebook status at all the other suckers completely missing the point of Christmas. “Does Jesus recommend we shop at Big W?” was a classic zinger from 2013. Bahahaha. “Like”!! Now, as a dad of 2 young kids, I need to be clear with my advice here.


I am not suggesting I have anywhere near the courage to eliminate or even tighten the reigns on the brightly coloured plastic crap train. I do not advocate that, at all. What am I, crazy? Don’t do that. Just think of Baby Jesus.  But I did decide to take a fresh look at the idea of giving and doing something for others.

And you might be able to help me with it.

Over the past few years, helping victims of domestic violence has become an interest of mine. The way I think I can help, is by supporting the victims – reminding them, somehow, that we care about them. That they are worthwhile and valued and cared for in a seemingly hard hearted 2014 Australia.

So this year, with one of my friends, a kick ass Mumpreneur, we resolved to do something really special. My mate, Cecilia Robinson is a few years into building a business called “My Food Bag”. Its not easy an easy road, but her product is awesome, her customers come back over and over again. In fact, in the past 8 months, dozens of families have bought her product week in, week out.. Some as many as 20 times.

Cecilia’s My Food Bag, is a home delivery service where customers who order online receive food bags containing the ingredients and recipes for a week’s main meals. All the ingredients are fresh, free range and locally sourced wherever possible. The recipes are designed by celebrity chef, Miguel Maestre, and stepped out with such clarity that even a goofball dad cook like me can get it done with unbelievable results.I nervously approached Cecilia with my idea.


an you help me, I asked, feed 100 homeless and severely at risk kids an epic Christmas dinner. Kids that were victims of domestic violence or in some severely troubled spot in life. For me, it was important the Christmas dinner be truly special and something to remember. Premium stuff. Not left overs, not well intentioned slices of ham, but something really special, something that would make these kids see the bigger community that stands beside them.. that people really care. To my delight, Cecilia was determined to bring her love of food to the picture. Take the very best of the My Food Bag concept and apply it.

Providing fresh, free-range and organic produce, carefully stepped out recipes by celebrity chefs, she wanted the kids to experience the joy and personal reward of making a special meal with others. For Cecilia, its clear. “For my young family, cooking is one of the times we get closest to the idea of Christmas. Its a joyful, authentic, playful, fun, together-time experience.” My Food Bag’s team of chefs and nutritionists fronted by Miguel Maestre have designed and curated an amazing Christmas feed including a free range turkey and ham and ingredients for canapés, mains, sides and desserts, including a cracker of a Pav.

This unbelievable spread is being shared through Father Reilly’s Youth Off the Streets program.


Christine Bullivant, Community Fundraising Manager for Youth Off The Streets says, “Christmas is often a very lonely time for homeless and disadvantaged youth. Support like this really makes a difference, and is a reminder to these kids that they are important, and they’re not forgotten.” What has become the limited edition “Christmas Bag” includes all of the ingredients, the recipes to follow and a plan for making the preparation as easy as possible and will be delivered fresh on the 23rd December. Eliminating any need for grocery shopping this Christmas. For every Christmas Bag sold in Melbourne and Sydney, My Food Bag will feed a glorious Christmas dinner to the most needy young people and their families this Christmas, worth $35 each.

Cecilia Robinson says, “As a busy young mum, sharing quality time with my family is what Christmas is all about. At My Food Bag we’re passionate in supporting those without the same luxuries who need it most.”

To help out and spread the joy to as many young people as possible, consider doing yourself a favour and purchasing one of the limited number of Christmas Bags available to buy at $349 including delivery here.

Thank you for your support, Cecilia and to you, the Mamamia community. Supporting this will make a real difference to some people that could really use a lift this Christmas.

To find out more,  you can go to their website