Australian surfers wear fluoro to send a powerful message about mental health.

Bondi Beach lit up this morning, long before the sun rose.

A group of surfers gathered to celebrate the four year anniversary of Fluoro Fridays, a weekly surfing event that aims to raise awareness around mental health.

Hosted across local and international beaches, the event asked surfers to brighten their usual blacks with fluorescent colours as a show of support.

‘One Wave Is All It Takes’ is the slogan championed by the group, a concept that reminds participants that sometimes, it only takes one good wave to feel better.

Supporters link hands on Bondi beach. (Credit: Will Hartl.)

Participants are also able to use the opportunity to talk about mental health and check-in with one another before hitting the waves.

Community group One Wave began the event with the hope that wearing fluorescent gear would spark conversations around a topic that remains largely ignored in the public space.

Colourful crowds gather before the sun hit. (Credit: Anthony Glick.)

Founded in 2013 by friends Grant Trebilco and Sam Schumacher, the event continues to draw coloured crowds and smiles from passersby.

The above video captures some of the men and women who lined the shores of Bondi this morning with their bodies draped in everything from construction yellow to traffic light green.

Fluro Fridays are not restricted to surfing. Participants are also encouraged to swim, perform yoga or simply socialise in fluorescent gear. It's the concept, not the activity, that counts.

The team behind the events use social media as a way to drum up attendance and remind others that it's okay to not be okay. Events and participating beaches can be found on their Facebook page or on their website.

Participation doesn't require huge turnouts, either. The One Wave group reminds surfers that it only "takes is two or more people linking arms in fluro," to create an event.

There's never been a better reason to hit the waves.

(Feature image via Will Hartl.)

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