FLUFF: Instagram is now complete. Well played, Material Girl.




1. Madonna took briefly to Instagram last year, and tired of the social media app quickly – but she’s back with a vengeance. She has posted a series of three quite unflattering pictures of herself so far.

On Saturday, she posted a picture of herself sipping from a cocktail glass and staring menacingly at the camera. Her caption: “Cheers motherf***ers! I’m on instagram.”

immediately after exercisingsomewhat bizarre selfie

Cheers indeed, Madonna.

Frank Ocean takes to the stage, and Chris Brown – in the white suit – remains seated. Awkward.




2. This is why Adele is our hero: during yesterday’s Grammys, Adele ‘had words’ with Chris Brown, after he refused to stand during a standing ovation for singer Frank Ocean.

Ocean won the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album. Brown was nominated the same category and – unsurprisingly – didn’t handle his defeat with an excess of dignity. When Ocean’s name was announced, Brown applauded but stayed in his seat, as the newcomer made his way to the stage. This is despite the fact that he was sitting in the front row and clearly visible to all.

Cameras caught Adele glaring at Brown as he remained seated – and moments later she approached the R&B singer, and was seen exchanging tense words with him. Having seen evidence of Adele’s actually-somewhat-endearing potty mouth and ballsy attitude in interviews, we don’t imagine that they were having a pleasant chat about the weather.

Adele confronts Chris Brown.

Brown and Ocean reportedly came to blows last month outside a Los Angeles recording studio, and Brown is still on probation for assaulting his then-girlfriend – and girlfriend once more – Rihanna in 2009.


It seems that Adele’s appreciation for all things retro doesn’t just cover her aesthetics – she also has an old-school awareness of good manners. Well played, Adele.


3. John Mayer talks about his love for Katy Perry and the rumour mill goes into overdrive. Click here to read more. 

4. OK, frocks. This year American television network CBS attempted to discourage revealing outfits from the stars, by requesting that stars not bare too much skin and “buttocks and female breasts [be] adequately covered” (male breasts are fine, then?).

Some stars took note. And wore conservative (borderline-Amish) outfits. Others gave the middle finger (or underboob) to the wardrobe edict. It was a little bit heaven, really, this juxtaposition.

Click through the gallery for all the best outfits from the red carpet:

Katy Perry at the Grammys.

Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, Kelly Rowland and Miley Cyrus were all among those stars whose outfit’s ‘appropriateness’ was called into question. Perry wore a tight green number that showed off her ample cleavage, Keys displayed a hint of underboob as she performed on stage, and Rowland wore an edgy black number with cut-outs that artfully covered what needed to be covered… and nothing more. Miley Cyrus went for sideboob, of course.

A representative for CBS told gossip site TMZ that, “All wardrobe selections passed our standards, if only barely.” We imagine that these new restrictions are going to lead to some imaginative outfit choices in the years to come.



5. Is this man the best father on earth or is he just desperate for sleep? Click here to watch.


6. Speaking of Adele: the ballsy balladeer has a new tattoo – which is perhaps another clue in deciphering the mystery of Adele’s baby’s name.

A is for ‘Angelo’?

The tattoo is letter ‘A’ tattooed behind her ear. The ‘A’ could be for Angelo, the is-it-or-isn’t-it? name of her son.

The tattoo is in a fine, cursive font and – despite being permanent – is even more discreet than Adele’s ‘Angelo’ gold nameplate, which she was spotted wearing after the Golden Globes back in January.


7. The newest addition to the “drastic hair changes gallery” is possibly our favourite ever. 


8. If the musical gossip from the Grammys hasn’t been enough for sate your appetite for such news, then this might do it: Kevin Rudd has been filmed performing Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe.

In the video, Mr Rudd has one arm around a young woman, and a beer in the other hand. He is reciting the words to last year’s pop hit – although admittedly his companion is doing most of the singing.

The video was filmed at a barefoot bowls day, which Mr Rudd has launched to connect with youth in his electorate.

Well, the Member for Griffith won’t be winning a Grammy any time soon.

9. Okay so if you thought Bruno Mars was quite the singer now – just watch him when he was six… 

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