Fluff: This Miranda Kerr picture is just.....you...can't even.

1. Is this a satirical, over-worked  fashion shoot… or is it just Miranda Kerr’s real life captured on Instagram? Just look at this picture of the supermodel reading a book. Seriously, this one is oddly baffling and we’re unnaturally obsessed with it.

Or does everyone read like that – artfully posed and surrounded by chandeliers…

There are some other interesting shots in this gallery too. A prize should be awarded for Most Photogenic Life.

Totally normal, really. That’s how we read books too.

You too?

2. When Anne Hathaway shaved her head for her role on Les Miserables, this is the most surprising thing she’s said about it….[more]

3. The most shocking Pirelli Calendar shoot ever. Like, ever. In case you’re not familiar with the Pirelli Calendar, it’s an annual shoot of models and actresses who are always naked and yet ‘arty’ to justify the nudity. Paid for by a tire company and sent to mechanics. Seriously.

(You can see 2012’s VERY NAKED calendar here.) For some reason nobody can recall, it’s seen to be a huge honour to be selected to model in this car tyre calendar and it always features very high profile models, photographers and actresses. It’s sort of been eclipsed by the Victoria’s Secret show but whatever.

Some of the pictures from the 2013’s calendar have been leaked – and Shut. The.Front.Door.. Yes, the calendar still features A-list models including Adriana Lima, Karlie Kloss and Kyleigh Kuhn. But they’re fully clothed. The photographer, Steve McCurry, said at a press conference in Rio (yes, they had a press conference to launch a tyre calendar): “You can photograph nudes anywhere. But these models are clothed, and each of them has her own charity. They are purposeful and idealistic people.”

Oh! A charity angle too! So there’s that.

Have a flick through the gallery. The images are beautiful (but heavily altered):

Thanks to Hurricane Vanessa for these awesome images. Make sure that you check the rest here.

4. No one quite matches up to Scarlett Johansson when it comes to reading the weather. WTF? Click here and you’ll see what we mean….[more]

5. And you thought planking was stupid. Welcome to “milking”, the dumbest trend that’s ever hit the Internet since the last dumbest trend to hit the Internet. “Milking” involves filming yourself tipping a two-litre bottle of milk over your head – preferably in a public place – and posting it on the web for the world to see.

Yes, it is just as pointless as it seems, and yet it’s somehow still gone viral.

6. PinterestFAILS: For everyone who CAN’T cook and who CAN’T do craft – this will make you laugh …..[more] 

7. So apparently 19% of people have dropped their phone in a toilet. (It’s probably a lot more but we’re hazarding a guess that many are too embarrassed to admit we text from the loo.) If that unfortunate incident happens to you – never fear! There is a solution – and it’s in this video (which you should bookmark in case of emergency…)