Fluff retraction: We owe someone an apology.

1. We owe someone an apology.

Yesterday, Mamamia ran an item in Fluff about Jemima Kirke (Jessa from Girls) getting booted from a 7-hour-long ‘performance art’ show with Jay Z because she jumped on his back and wouldn’t let go. Here’s a snippet:

Apparently, we have an apology to make. People much, much cooler than us have insisted that security did NOT kick Jemima out for climbing on Jay Z and refusing to come down. It was just SO HIP that we didn’t understand it. Like performance art. Or tannins in wine.

The bear-hug was all part of the show you guys. The director tweeted:

We are so, so sorry for not understanding your bear-hug/security removal art. Sincerest apologies. We didn’t get it. Because ART.


2. John Stamos has done the most beautiful thing for a teenage meningococcal victim. Read the touching details here.


3. Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis are cranky-pants at each other.

VERY cranky-pants. There’s even bitchy tweets involved.

Stallone and Willis have both starred in The Expendables film series – basically where things blow up and ageing action stars run away from them. But yesterday, Stallone tweeted this:

And this:


Ouch. Bitchy much? What did poor Brucey do to deserve being called “greedy and lazy”?

Apparently, he was greedy and lazy. Details have emerged today that Willis only wanted to work 4 days on the new Expendables movie, and he was demanding ONE MILLION DOLLARS A DAY.

Yeah… Kind of siding with Sylvester on this one.

4. Actress Leah Remini, who recently defected from Scientology, has filed a missing person report concerning the whereabouts of the wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige. Read the church’s bizarre response here.

5. The Winnie Mandela trailer is here. And it is INCREDIBLE.

Jennifer Hudson plays Nelson Mandela’s wife Winnie in the new biopic, and the Oscar buzz already surrounding her performance is totally justified. Just… Just watch:

6. Michael Douglas doesn’t believe in marriage counselling and this is why…


7. Melissa Doyle officially steps down as co-host of Sunrise.


Messages of congrats and farewell were flitting around Twitter this morning as Melissa Doyle hosted Sunrise for the last time. Mel was farewelled with a special ‘This is your Sunrise life’ segment and her family joined her on air.

Samantha Armytage officially takes over as Kochie’s co-host on Monday morning.

Doyle will now host the afternoon news on 7, which means no more 3:15am wake-up calls.

Here’s a gallery celebrating Mel’s last day:

8. Usher has released a statement following his 5-year-old son’s swimming pool accident earlier this week. Read his message of thanks here.


9. Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs sing Wicked in an airport lounge. Musical fandom loses its sh*t.

If you don’t know who Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs are, you are: 1) probably not a fan of Broadway musicals and, subsequently, 2) a fool.

But, if you do fall into this unfortunate category, what you need to know for this video to make sense is the following: they are an adorable couple who met and married after meeting on Broadway in Rent and then went on to play love interests Elphaba and Fiyero in Wicked. Oh, and they also run a charity called A Broader Way, which provides performing arts facilities and events for underprivileged communities in New York. They are basically gods.

So, you can imagine how exciting this video of them singing a re-imagined version of a song from Wicked in an airport lounge is:

(But, seriously, Idina, the end goes: “Don’t wish/don’t start/wishing only ruins the heart.” Now, where’s our Tony?)

10. And just because: Watch this film intern recite every line from Mean Girls in 30 minutes. Happy Friday!