Fluff: Red carpet looks from the pre-Oscars lunch.

1. Take a look at all the frocks and all the celebs from the Oscars Luncheon red carpet.

High necklines and modest hems were the winners at the annual Oscars Luncheon on Monday. Unlike the red carpets of the Golden Globes and SAG Awards last month, there were no sequins or thigh-high splits to be seen here – it was all dark colours (Anne Hathaway sported black…again) and feminine florals.

Over 100 nominees of the upcoming Academy Awards – including Australians Naomi Watts, Hugh Jackman and Jacki Weaver – came together for a sit-down lunch and catch up.

The guests reportedly dined on burrata arugula canapés (whatever they are) and miso-marinated, pistachio-crusted sea bass fillets (which, coincidentally is what our Managing Ed Jamila made for dinner last night. Okay no, she had pasta).

Take a look at what they wore:

FYI the Oscars are on the 24th of February if you want to mark it in your diary.

2. Sesame Street took on Downton Abbey and it was hilarious. Watch it here.

3. You know her face because you’ve seen it everywhere for almost two decades on magazine covers, advertising billboards and the like but very rarely do we actually hear Kate Moss speak…

The English model speaks for over two minutes in this interview for beauty brand Rimmel and sounds a hundred times more posh and girly than we expected. It’s strangely mesmerising.

4. David Beckham’s new must see underwear ad. You should check it out.  

5. In v. v. exciting news, a new Bridget Jones book is expected to be released in November this year.

Start planning your turkey curry buffets – Bridget’s back.

It’s been 17 years since Bridget Jones’ Diary first hit bookstores, but the antics and adventures of the modern English heroine – embarrassing mothers and dashing suitors in knitted jumpers included – still strike a chord today.


Now, it’s been revealed that author Helen Fielding is preparing a third instalment in the Bridget series, planned for release later this year. Fielding says the book will be set in present day London and “represents a totally new phase in Bridget’s life. My life has moved on and Bridget’s will move on, too,” she explained in a press release.

Hopefully this includes Bridget branching into social media – we can only imagine the pearls of wisdom and awkward confessions she would broadcast on Twitter.

6. A mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair and the other ridiculous things Lady Gaga has on her rider. Seriously?

7. Would you wear Lara Stone’s straightjacket canvas dress?

The Dutch model appears in Harper’s Bazaar in an outfit that is supposedly ‘high fashion’, but would probably be better suited to a high-security institution. The unique garment features in Comme des Garcons’ spring 2013 collection and is probably worth many hundreds of dollars.

Would you wear it? More importantly, would you PAY for it?

8. Pink confesses people told her she’d never appear on magazine covers because she wasn’t wasn’t pretty enough. Read more here.

9. Photoshop fail: the amazing geometric thigh.

Gather ’round, ladies and gents, to witness the amazing, the incredible, the impossible: the Geometric Thigh. Hailing from Planet Photoshop and seen on real live human women absolutely nowhere, the Geometric Thigh features a triangular shape and a corner sharp enough to slice pizza with. Don’t get too close!

Thanks to Hurricane Vanessa for bringing this atrocity to light.