FLUFF: New pics of Hamish Blake with Fifi's baby, Michelle Bridges' first husband, and more.

1. Check it out. New pics of Hamish Blake with Fifi’s baby. 

Zoe Foster Blake, 32, shared a photo on Instagram of her husband Hamish Blake, 31, when he met Fifi Box’s gorgeous daughter, Trixie.

Zoe commented, “You’ve charmed us, Trixie Box. You’ve charmed us good.”

The photo received over 1,400 ‘likes’ – and commenters immediately sneakily implied that Zoe and Hamish should think about haveing their own, with one person writing, “I can’t wait for you and Hamish to have a baby!! You too will be the best parents!”

For a reminder of the gorgeous first picture shared on Trixie Box, click here.  Click through the gallery below for other candid celebrity snaps.

2. Are you a mum looking for a job? You’re in luck – Gwyneth Paltrow has found the “perfect” role for when you have kids. Click here to find out what it entails.

3. Michelle Bridges’ love life continues to throw spotlight on the fitness guru.

Michelle Bridges was actually married once before her relationship with Bill Moore. Her first husband,  Ben Dombrowski, was married to the star for three years when they lived together in Alice Springs. However, Michelle has rarely spoken about her first husband in interviews.

Dombrowski spoke exclusively to Woman’s Day, saying, “It’s odd that she’s kept our marriage a secret … I’m not anything to be ashamed of. It would have been nice to have had a mention.”

Michelle Bridges and the “Commando”.

He continued, “I actually trained her for her physique competitions … She won everything she entered: Miss NT, Miss Australasia, Miss Oceana, Miss Melbourne… It would have been nice for her to say, ‘At the start of my career, my husband taught me what I needed to do for developing physique’.”

Michelle recently separated from her husband of nine years, Bill Moore, and has reportedly started a relationship with the “Commando”.


4. In other Biggest Loser news, a contestant from the show has spoken out about the death threats he and his daughter received while on the program. 

Richard Roach, and his daughter Amber.

Contestant Richard Roach has come out and discussed the negative impact the Biggest Loser had on his life, and said that he was much happier before going on the program. Which is actually kind of understandable, given that Roach and his daughter, 20-year-old Amber, have received death threats ever since.

45-year-old Roach lost over a third of his body weight while on the show, but told News Ltd that the negative reaction towards himself and his daughter from the show’s fans has been difficult to deal with. “I’m a tough bloke and I can take whatever is thrown at me, but the (online) abuse my daughter has received has brought me to my knees.”

The father continued, “She’s too scared to go to work, because people are threatening to bash her. She now says this is the worst experience of her life.”

5. Rob Lowe’s role in the upcoming Liberace biopic has given him an all new appreciation of the term “beauty is pain”. Click here to read what he had to endure.

6. 40-year-old Hollywood superstar Ben Affleck has graduated from college.

Or rather, this past weekend he received an honorary degree from Brown University: a Doctor of Fine Art for his work as an actor, writer, film director and producer.

Affleck joked while on stage, “This is a spectacular honour for me. Not only for the education, but now I surpass Matt Damon.”

Ben Affleck has received an honorary degree – and has finally beaten Matt Damon.

Does this mean he will be credited in films as Dr Affleck, now?

Other stars that have received honorary degrees include Kylie Minogue with an honorary Doctorate of Health Sciences from Anglia Ruskin University for her work promoting breast cancer awareness, J. K. Rowling with a Doctor of Letters degree from Harvard University, and Jodie Foster with a Doctor of Fine Arts from Yale University,


Meryl Streep has a Doctor of Fine Arts from Yale University, a Doctor of Fine Arts from Princeton University, and a Doctor of Arts from Harvard University.


7. For a leading Hollywood lady, Keira Knightley is surprisingly frugal. Click here to find out how much the actress paid herself last year. 

Cynthia Nixon has spoken out about what ‘devastated’ her about Sex and the City.

8. What Miranda hated about Sex and the City.

Cynthia Nixon, who played redheaded lawyer and career woman on Sex and the City, has revealed that she found aspects of the show ‘devastating’.

Nixon told the New York Times: 

“It’s an aspect of the show I never liked,” she said. “I remember when we screened the first movie in London, when Mr. Big shows Carrie that closet he’s built for her and the entire audience clapped. I found that devastating. Maybe that’s a strong word, but I was disheartened. Because I thought: ‘Is this what these women in the audience think true love is? A man who has enough money to buy you a walk-in closet?’”

The consumerism of the show has been criticised many times before – seriously, how many pairs of shoes does Carrie own? – but most fans of the show see it as harmless frippery.

9. Drew Barrymore is selling her mansionclick here to have a perve.

10. You may not know this, but there is a Simpsons theme park inside Universal Studios in Florida – and it is set to undergo an expansion. The theme park includes many recogniseable ‘landmarks’ from the American cartoon, such as the Kwik-E-Mart, the Krusty Burger chain, and Moe’s Tavern (which will serve a special Duff beer). Check out the video below to see the various ‘attractions’. The only question that remains is: would you go?