FLUFF: Michelle Pfieffer involved in breatharianism cult. Yep.

Michelle Pfeiffer






1. Michelle Pfieffer was in a cult, you guys.

Michelle Pfieffer has spoken out about her involvement in a cult when she first moved to Hollywood.

Talking to Britain’s Sunday Telegraph, 55-year-old Pfieffer said she became involved with a breatharianism couple – you know, the kind of people who believe that humans can survive without food of water.

The couple put Pfieffer on a strict diet, and told her that people only needed sunlight to survive.

She described them as “kind of personal trainers” who were always telling her to “come stay” and “pay for all the time I was there”.

It wasn’t until she met her former husband Peter Horton that she realised she was even involved in a cult – “we were talking with an ex-Moonie and he was describing the psychological manipulation and I just clicked.”

There’s a lesson here, kids – avoid anyone who tells you that you don’t need food or water EVER.


2. Kyle Sandilands to release tell-all about his relationship

On Friday, Kyle and Jackie O announced that they would be leaving 2Day FM.

On Sunday, reports were circulating that the pair were in the final stages of contract negotiation with rival Sydney station, Mix 106.5, for a minimum salary of $1 million each. And now, Kyle has sold his relationship story with girlfriend Imogen Anthony to Who magazine for a casual $45,000.


The 22-year-old former glamour model and the 42-year-old shock jock have been dating since 2011, with Kyle crediting Imogen to turning his life around for ‘whipping my arse on food’. A plea for more media attention, or does Kyle really just want to share his happiness with the world? We’ll just have to wait and see…


3. Is this Miranda Kerr’s new lover?

Rumours are swirling about newly single Miranda Kerr and her longtime favourite photographer, Chris Colls. Colls – whose marriage ended last year – has been uploading almost-nudie pics of the model on his Instagram page over the last few weeks, including since she announced her split from her husband of three years, Orlando Bloom. And now? The celebrity-gossips are swirling with innuendo and speculation.


Pics from Coll’s instagram


4. Paula Abdul to throw herself a belated Bat Mitzvah

51-year-old Paula Abdul – singing, dancing extraordinaire – has decided to throw herself a Bat Mitzvah… the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony that girls usually have at around age 12 or 13.

Apparently, Abdul – who is on her first-ever trip to Israel – feels as though she is connecting to her Jewish roots and would like to celebrate accordingly.

She told the Associated Press: “Beyond being Jewish, I’ve always found myself to be very much in tune with spirituality… I feel very grateful coming to Israel now, where as a woman I know who I am a lot more than even 10 years ago.”



5. Lady Gaga’s stomach is gone

No, really. Where did it go?



As per usual – Photoshop is the answer. Because who needs ribs and internal organs if you can be skinny, right? As Hurricane Vanessa points out – it’s also next to a coverline saying, “How to be healthier by Dec 31”. Hmmm.

Flick through our gallery of the world’s finest photoshop fails:


David Gyngell

6. Channel Nine’s new $10million bloke

Channel Nine has confirmed that they’ll be paying one of their staff about $10 million a year. And no, it’s not even a celebrity. It’s David Gyngell, the chief executive – who will now officially become the highest-paid media executive in the country.

Compare that to Channel Seven’s chief executive, Tim Worner, who has a base salary of $2.6 million.

The Australian Financial Review has reported that Gyngell will receive a cash component, but that his total package will include a significant proportion of equity.


7. All the fashion from Derby Day

Another Derby Day is officially over, but never fear – Melbourne Cup is tomorrow, so all the fun isn’t over just yet. And in the meantime, you can kill time by checking out the gallery of all the fashion from the weekend.

Keep an eye out for The Bachelor and Ketut, of Rhonda and Ketut fame: