Fluff: Kate Winslet married. And guess who walked her down the aisle?

Kate Winslet and third husband, Ned Rocknroll.




1. Award winning actress Kate Winslet has married the man with the world’s most rad surname: Ned RocknRoll.

Tabloid newspaper The Sun reports that 37-year-old Winslet married 34-year-old RocknRoll (seriously… can’t get over that name) in a private ceremony earlier this month.

Winslet was reportedly walked down the aisle and given away by Leonardo DiCaprio, her many-times co-star and love interest in the blockbuster film that brought them both international fame, Titanic.

Rocknroll is sadly not Ned’s original name. He was born Abel Smith and is the nephew of Virgin empire owner, Richard Branson (for whom Ned also works part time).

Winslet was previously married to Jim Threapleton in 1998 who is a Hollywood director and Sam Mendes in 2003, another Hollywood director. Winslet has two children from her previous marriages, Mia Honey (age 12) and Joe Alfie (age 8).


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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline

4. Kevin Federline’s brother says he’s the ‘true father’ of Britney Spears’s son.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. So we all thought Britney’s ex husband Kevin Federline was the father of her two sons, 7-year-old Sean Preston and 6-year-old Jayden James.

But now Kevin’s brother Chris has come forward and said that he’s the true father of Britney’s oldest son, Sean Preston. It was during court proceedings for Chris’ application for a temporary restraining order against Spears (yes, you read that correctly too) that the revelation came out.

“She is out-of-control and a maniac,” Chris reportedly said in court documents.

Britney with her sons and new fiance, Jason.

“She told me my brother Kevin ruined her life. She made fun of me and told me I have a small penis.”

“She also blackmailed me and told me if I tell the police that she stole my credit card, that she will tell the world I’m the true father of Sean Preston, not Kevin….. I do confess I slept with Britney, and I am the true father, but the public does not need to know.”


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