FLUFF: Kanye West gives his verdict on the 'Bound 2' parody video.

In case you missed the news to beat all news yesterday: James Franco and Seth Rogen remade Kanye West’s ridiculous Bound 2 video shot for shot.

Every single person on earth officially deemed this version better than the original. Including Kanye and Kim themselves.

Yesterday, after watching the video, Kim Kardashian tweeted: “Nailed it! Sooo funny!” She then followed up, adding: “Kanye says what’s up! He loves u guys! He laughed so hard at this.”

If you haven’t seen the video, you need to – here’s a video of the two, side by side:

ALSO – fun Bound 2 fact – the bike used in the video (you know, the one that Kim Kardashian straddles and jiggles on) is up for grabs on eBay. Currently, it’s at about $7,300. Bargain, no?

Miranda Kerr wears a mini bra.

Can you even call it a bra? We’re not sure what you call this creation.  She’s rocked the below Chanel strings-and-material in a new video celebrating the relaunch of i-D.com:

In the video, Kerr models the letter B. For Babeland. Because she is a member of Babeland. Yep.

Some other models also feature in the video – including Lara Stone and Cara Delevinge. Watch it below:

Karl Stefanovic loses it on Today again.

We love nothing more than when Karl Stefanovic bursts into uncontrollable laughter on the Today Show. And it happened again this morning when he was chatting to Ky Hurst, a competitor in the Nutri-Grain Ironman series. Watch below:

Marge Simpson’s bush.

Illustrator Alexsandro Palomobo has transformed Marge Simpson into all our favourite fashion icons. From Marilyn Monroe’s signature white dress to Geri Halliwell’s infamous Union Jack mini dress.

There’s also Marge as Stephanie Seymour, showing off her.. um..  bush:

Palmobo spoke to Vogue UK about the project, saying: “There is a Marge Simpson in every woman and with this tribute I wanted to ignite the magic that is in every woman; the strength, femininity, elegance, eroticism and beauty.”

See the rest of the pics here.