FLUFF: In other baby news, the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in July.

1. Golden Globes, baby! The red carpet successes and failures! The backstage feuds! The confirmation or denial of rumoured romances! Oh, and the recognition of talent. That. The Golden Globes is arguably the best awards show of the year because the fact it’s about film and TV means you get double celebrity bang-for-buck.

The moments that everyone are talking about? Jodie Foster’s somewhat rambling, at times angry and sarcastic but very heartfelt speech in which she opened up about her sexuality, loneliness and her kids. Must-watch. See the speech here.

The most loved- up couple at the Golden Globes: [click to see]  

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are NOT dating. Okay, Bradley, we got it!

Other celebrity revelations from the evening: Bradley Cooper denying that – despite their amazing on-screen chemistry – he and co-star Jennifer Lawrence in The Silver Linings Playbook are not dating. US Weekly reports that when questioned about the rumoured romance, Cooper responded:

“Oh my God. That’s very funny. No, my God. No…  We’ve done two movies together. If it didn’t happen by now, it’s not going to happen. No, no, no, no, no. Not even close. First of all, I could be her father. No, I’m kidding. But no, not even close.”

So… That’s a ‘no’, then?

 Oops! Julianne Hough split her dress on the dance floor at the Golden Globes last night… [click to see]

Another must-see moment: Taylor Swift’s reaction to Adele winning Best original Song for “Skyfall”. Ms Swift was nominated for the same award for a song she contributed to The Hunger Games. While Adele charmed the crowd with her giggly acceptance speech, Taylor was caught on camera doing this:

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3. Surprise engagements and pregnancies: Maybe it’s the new year inspiring celebrities to commit, but January has seen numerous celebrity engagements and baby news.

Katie Price is engaged to stripper Kieran Hayler.

After calling off her engagement to Italian model Leandro Penna 11 weeks ago, Katie Price is now engaged to her current boyfriend, stripper Kieran Hayler. Strength to strength.

They announced the engagement on Christmas Day. Can we echo Tina Fey’s suggestion to Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes last night: “Girl needs some me-time, find out who she is.”

Funny-man Jason Sudeikis from Saturday Night Liveand the gorgeous Olivia Wilde also became engaged over the holidays. The pair have been dating since

Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell are expecting.

November 2011. Wilde shared her joy with her friends via Twitter: “Thanks for all the sweet congratulatory love, friends! And may I compliment your savvy use of that nifty engagement ring emoticon.”

Finally, True Blood actress Evan Rachel Wood and Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) are expecting their first child. The pair were married in October last year. Announcing their pregnancy on Twitter, the actress said: “Remember when I said, “No baby on the way here” Well, I didnt know there actually was…”

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6. In other baby news, the Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in July.  According to the SMH:

The Duchess of Cambridge is due to give birth in July and could resume her royal duties as early as next month

Two wrongs do not make a right.

after recovering from her pregnancy sickness, aides said yesterday.

It means that the Duchess was only about six weeks pregnant when she and the Duke were forced to disclose that she was pregnant during her hospital stay at the start of December.

But the Kate Middleton news that really caught our attention today is this viral image that shows the why-does-she-look-50-years-old official portrait of the Duchess combined with that disastrous fresco restoration of Jesus Christ.

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