Guess who got married in secret?

Time for The Fluff Files – our daily look at the lighter side.

1. Pregnant singer Adele has been spotted – wearing a wedding ring!

In new photos published in Life & Style magazine, the singer is seen with a hand on her growing tummy – and what appears to be a dimond and gold wedding ring.

This from the Herald Sun:


The 24-year-old Grammy winner was seen having dinner out and window shopping in London on July 30. The singer has been dating Simon Konecki for the past year.

A friend told the magazine that Adele “seemed very, very happy. She absolutely does have a pregnancy glow.”

And seems the “old-fashioned girl” Adele may have secretly tied the knot ahead of the impending birth.

2. Members of the defence forces pay tribute to Prince Harry’s antics. Following the worldwide sensation caused by the nude photos of Prince Harry in a Vegas hotel room, British soldiers have taken to social media to ‘salute’ their Prince. The results are pretty funny:

3. Which Spice Girl is dating Russell Brand? After reportedly hitting it off at the Olympic Games, Gerri Halliwell (Ginger Spice) and Russell Brand have been spotted together and are apparently dating.

Russell posted this picture of himself with the Spice Girls at the Olympic Games on his Twitter account:

4. Check out Portia de Rossi’s new(est) hair cut. Portia chopped a lot of her hair off a few months ago, and now she’s gone even shorter. And we think she looks fab. Also, can you think of another celebrity couple who could leave the house in matching outfits and not get torn to shreds by the press? Ellen and Portia are a little bit adorable.

Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres

5. The latest YouTube viral hit comes from South Korea. Psy is a hit singer in his hometown but never thought he’d find this kind of fame. So far?  64 million views on youTube.

Why not make that 64 million and one – check it out:


6. Gossip can be confusing.

Who and OK magazines

7. New anti-aging trick: The Face-kini. These Chinese women have thought of a new way to stop sun damage.

Part Hannibal Lector, part gimp, the ‘face-kini’ is intended for sun protection as tanned skin is associated in China with farmers, peasants and lower class workers who are forced to labour outdoors. Apparently, they’re also good protection against bugs and jellyfish – bonus!


8. And finally, some shameless red carpet gawping, including pics from the Kath & Kim movie premiere: