Fluff: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco.

Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly.




1. It’s Grace Kelly’s turn to get the biopic treatment.

Australian actress Nicole Kidman plays the Rear Window star and real-life princess in Grace of Monaco, set for release in December. The movie focuses on Kelly’s role in a 1960’s tax law dispute between her husband, Prince Rainier III, and France’s Charles de Gaulle.

Kelly was in her early thirties during this era, while Kidman is 45.

Are you convinced?

2. After a very formal night of receiving Oscars and clapping for their colleagues, Hollywood A-listers let their hair down at the after parties. And this is what happened.

MKR’s Lisa Gabel and Stefano Guerra

3. There was a surprising item on the menu during last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules.

What happened? Italian Stefano Guerra decided a reality TV program with a huge nation-wide audience was the perfect situation to pop the question to his girlfriend and on-screen cooking partner, Lisa Gabel. (Isn’t that how your partner did it?)

During the menu reveal of the couple’s instant restaurant, Guerra dropped down to one knee and proposed in front of judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans, their fellow contestants… and the rest of Australia.

Gabel accepted the ring, a solitaire diamond in white gold (could you imagine the awkwardness if she’d said no? Ouch.) But the excitement of the proposal was the high point of the night. The Adelaide team’s scores left them in last place. And now there’s only one team left to cook.

“I was in so much shock…it was very hard to go back into the kitchen after Stefano had proposed. My head was definitely not on my shoulders that night, I lost the plot,” said Gabel.


4. Both Jennifer Lawrence and Britney Spears have ditched the blonde hair in favour of brunette. Click here to see their very cool new dos.

5. Details of two secret celebrity weddings have emerged in the midst of Oscar madness.

Christina Applegate and Janet Jackson with their husbands

Anchorman actress Christina Applegate, 41, married Martyn LeNoble, her longtime boyfriend and the father of her two-year-old daughter Sadie Grace.

According to People magazine, the couple, who have been engaged since 2010, had a private ceremony at their home in Los Angeles.

Singer Janet Jackson, 46, has also revealed she got married to Qatari billionaire Wissam Al Mana in a secret ceremony last year.

Very sneaky.

“Last year we were married in a quiet, private and beautiful ceremony. Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities,” the couple told Entertainment Tonight.

6. Kim Kardashian was telling the world she’s learned a lot about privacy from Kanye… and then she appeared on this cover. Click here to see.

7. It seems Suri Cruise has a body double.

Real Suri, left, and fake Suri, right

The daughter of Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise apparently has a doppelganger to throw the paparazzi off her trail during public appearances.

What, didn’t you have one at age 6?

The decoy was spotted by the NY Daily News on Friday, when Holmes picked Suri up from her school in Manhattan. The pair were headed towards downtown New York for a snack, when their car unexpectedly stopped at a police precinct and out hopped Suri in a puffy jacket and leggings. Except it wasn’t Suri – the real one arrived moments later in an identical SUV, accompanied by her nanny.


The sneaky plan was foiled by photographers who trailed the first car and captured both fake – and real-Suri on camera. Apparently the body double is the work of Tom Cruise, who is reportedly obsessed with ensuring his daughter’s security.

Check out this gallery of professional celebrity impersonators. Even Harper Beckham has one.

8. The photo that almost got Madonna banned from Instagram.

Madonna posted a letter from the Instagram team, which states: ‘It has come to our attention that your account on Instagram has violated our community guidelines … We ask that you: don’t share photos that aren’t yours [and] don’t share photos that show nudity or mature content.’

The letter doesn’t pinpoint exactly which of her 19 images warranted this reaction. Was it the sweaty cleavage shot? The on-stage bum shot? Who knows.

In her usual fashion, the Material Girl doesn’t seem too phased by it all – her next shot involved this cleavage-enhancing tight leather dress. Not even Instagram can hold this woman down.

Take a look at the rest of her Instagram posts here. Do you think she’s crossed the line?

9. The most bizarre cookbooks you’ve ever seen. Bizarre only because they all seem to be written by 80’s music stars – check them out here.

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