I forced Drew Barrymore to tell me her number one makeup product. She didn't disappoint.


In case you missed it, I am best friends with Drew Barrymore now.

We met when I got to interview her about her makeup line, Flower Beauty, which has finally launched in Australia (after being available in the U.S for the past eight years).

We talked about parenthood and she gave me advice about becoming a mother (and then in my dreams) we exchanged numbers and have been making each other LOL over WhatsApp all weekend.

Oh, and I also asked her a few questions about beauty.

The range has literally hundreds of products in the U.S (not all of them are stocked here) and she legit puts her heart and soul into each and every one of them – there’s no slapping her name on the brand and calling it a day.

And so out of all of her hundreds of makeup children I asked her to pick one favourite makeup child because I am mean like that but also because now we are so close I knew she wouldn’t mind.

She was able to answer instantly.

“For sure the Light Illusion foundation,” Drew told Mamamia (AKA me).

“I’ve studied every foundation from every company, but I’ve also studied every lab sample out there for the last eight years and I finally found the impeccable formula that I, as a woman, always wanted.”

“I’ve seen the evolution from tinted moisturiser, to heavy BB creams, and everything in between. From prestige to mass, what labs can’t even put out there because it is too innovative or too expensive…so just knowing all that I knew I wanted to formulate something that I thought could be truly amazing.”

At this point I am smiling at her and nodding like a bobblehead and admiring her base – it was dewy and glowing but not oily and she looked like she had a candle in her head, lighting her complexion from the inside. How did she manage to get all that into a $13.99 bottle?


“It’s funny because in the beauty business they always say if you get a woman with foundation, that’s how you gain that loyalty. Eyes and lip [products] are impulse. And after eight years of working so hard on this brand I finally feel like we have the foundation to capture the loyalty of a woman.”


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“I’ve never in my life found a formula like this. It’s got the coverage, it’s got the dewiness, the tones are right, the wearability is right, it doesn’t ever make you break out, which so many foundations do – I have really sensitive skin. It’s The One. I didn’t find it alone, it took labs, it took people, it took reformatting it and remaking it…it wasn’t just me, it was a team of people.”


I didn’t want to admit to Drew I hadn’t tried the foundation yet and it took everything I had not to whip out my phone and place an online order then and there, but I kept my cool and instead asked her why it was so important to her to make products that were so affordable. I mean, with quality like what I’d experienced with the products I had tried, she could be charging triple.

Plus, you know, she’s Drew Barrymore.

“I’m a mass girl. I make romantic comedies. I’m about optimism and joy. I am not making dark, depressing Academy Award winning movies. I think that life has plenty to serve up by ways of obstacles and drama and I want the antidote to that. I also cannot imagine busting my ass for two years to make movies so that one person can enjoy them.”

“And so I don’t want to work endless, countless hours of my life away from my family so that one woman can buy a $70 lipstick at Barney’s. That’s not my path. I don’t relate to it. But I know what the goods are. I know what quality is. I know what everybody is up to and doing, I have access to all of it. So I want to bring that to everyone.”

As a journo you’re not supposed to swoon over your interviewee but bloody hell, it was so hard not to. She’s so cool and down to earth IRL and to top it all off, she posted our photo to her Instagram.

Just like a real life bestie.

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