The Bachelor's Florence and Bachelorette's Cam are "a thing". Maybe. Kinda. We're not sure.

For Bachelor fans, the only thing more exciting than watching (stalking) the winning couple live their lives, is watching the rejects all hang out.

Take The Bachelor’s Florence, for example, who was booted off Matty J’s season, coming in fourth place. Though, in retrospect, in The Bachelor, if you’re not first, you’re last. Sorry but it’s true.

We liked Florence. She was funny. She cheated in the stupid challenges. But she lost! Now we want her to be happy. (I hope you don’t mind me speaking on your behalf.)

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We also liked Cam Cranley from Georgia Love’s season of The Bachelorette because he was so damn nice.

So imagine our surprise when the two uploaded photos of themselves hanging out. A true love story for the ages, because any man and woman that hang out must be in love and dating and have family planning in the blueprint of their future.

Clancy, former contestant on Cam’s season, uploaded some videos of the two hanging out and singing. Sorry, singing Ronan Keating*. I understand there’s a substantial difference.

They were sitting close, Florence was using a beer bottle for Cam’s microphone (an easy, believable and classic replacement) and their legs… touched (!!!).


Is it? Could it be?

Are they...?

Although I appreciate they were having a fun Friday night, the irresponsibility in the lack of explanation behind the videos must be acknowledged.

Too many Bachelor fans, too many hearts stopped, too many seats with people hanging off the edge. Far too much suspense.

I'm kidding, of course!

Sort of.