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An air hostess received a call from a cancer patient. Her next move is warming hearts.

A ‘thank you’ note to Southwest Airlines in the U.S. has gone viral after an employee personally delivered lost luggage to a passenger’s home in the middle of the night.

Passenger Stacy Hurt, 46, had changed her flight to return home to Pennsylvania from Nashville in time to undergo her monthly chemotherapy treatment – she was diagnosed with stage-four colon cancer in 2014, ABC News reports.

She panicked when she realised her luggage remained on the previously booked connecting flight, which had been re-routed back to Nashville due to mechanical issues.

Inside her luggage there were medications the mother-of-two needed for the appointment the following day.


She called customer service and spoke to Sarah Rowan, 27, who works in Southwest’s Pittsburgh office.

Without question, Rowan took the matter into her own hands, ensuring the luggage was flown to Pittsburgh International Airport that night – the last plane landed around 2am – and delivering it to Hurt’s door herself at the end of her shift.

“I looked up her address to see how far away she lived and she lived about 20 minutes away,” Rowan told ABC News. “So in my head, me getting home a little bit later was less important than her getting the bag she needed for her chemotherapy treatment.”

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Hurt posted a ‘thank you’ message to the airline’s Facebook page, sharing an image of the letter Rowan left her telling her to “kick cancer’s butt”.

Understandably, the post has gone viral, receiving more than 11,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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