This clip is the ultimate plus-sized girl's revenge.



Is this the most  ***Flawless,  film clip recreation ever?

Yes, yes it is.

This body-positive take on Beyoncé’s hit ‘Flawless’  was the brainchild of plus-sized fashion blogger Gabi Gregg.

“As a fat woman of color, I’m often treated differently than my thin, white peers. By brands, by fellow bloggers, by the media… I get passed over for things I’m more than qualified for,” Gabi says.

“I get stares and cold shoulders at fashion events. I hear whispers. I get hate mail and trolling comments from people who call me disgusting and say I shouldn’t be allowed in public,” she says.

“Like Bey, I usually just brush these people off, and I never give them power by addressing them here or anywhere else. But it gets tiring, and sometimes I’m really tempted to drop the lady-like thing and just kind of…go off. So when I heard Beyonce telling her haters to Bow Down in the song ***Flawless, I immediately fell in love.”

Which is just about the best explanation for “Why I made a video-clip” we’ve ever heard. Take it away Gabi.

[vimeo 94364919 w=500 h=281]


Are there any other body-positive video clip covers we need to know about?